Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wish I knew how our California apartment was going to look ....

Man oh man I found so many things yesterday...but walked away with one entry hall tray & a whole lotta inspiration. I have always been one very fond of the rustic & I like to pair it with modern elements. When we lived in California the first time we were minus two dogs & a the Hubs & I lived in this AHHHMAZING downtown loft overlooking a water turning basin where boats would come in under a drawbridge...oh yes, it was that cool. The Historic downtown of Petaluma welcomed us & the Lofts were the perfect fit to our young lifestyle. Stained concrete floors, corrugated metal ceilings which stretched 15 feet high, granite counter tops, large windows....I am telling ya I was in decorators heaven, the problem at the time was that we were young, newly married, I still had a year left of college & NO buckaroos...;..) So now it feels so surreal to be going back there now plus two doggies & Olly Tate, & a little bit more wiggle room in the budget for decorating ;.)  However, an open loft with hardly any space and no rooms is really not an option. So we are on the hunt for the perfect place & since I can't really decorate a space until I sort of sit with it for a while and let it "speak to me" ...(okay, not literally, no need for crazy pills just yet haha), yesterday's shopping trip left me with a whole lotta empty! I just am not sure what "decorating" way I will be going. I am syre that any way will be fabulous & a perfect fit for our little family..I am totally excited about new Craigslist finds, makeover projects, new organization options, and just some rearranging & re- purposing...but it sure does kill the shopping bug a little. SO until I find a cure for those shopping bug blues I will try and draw inspiration and a plan for our next casa....which I ought to get on soon since we pack & leave good Ol' Baltimore next weekend.....what a strange welcome to June.....wish me luck peeps! Until next time, maybe some of these crazy ideas will help to inspire you too....but you guys are probably ahead of me & have plenty ideas on your own already...;.)

This is my new brass bird tray. I would LOVE to take a can of spray paint to it once we get to Cali....I want it for my entry way as a catch all tray ;.) Talked the shop owner down to $20...made it so much more fun in my book!


  1. What great finds! We happen to be moving to Petaluma at the end of June! We have yet to find a place but your little downtown description gives me hope....

  2. Ohhh heather Petaluma is so charming downtown has the best shops food and farmers market. We will be there the 2nd week of June in our new casa so maybe we can get together sometime :.) check out lakeville at azure it's awesome too or the lofts by basin street properties :.)

  3. Hi. Just found your blog and I love it!! What great ideas!! Your house is adorable and guess what?, our baby's name is Oliver too! He just turned one in April! Can't wait to see your new place in CA!

  4. Thanks so much! Welcome to the blog ;.) It's so funny I never meet any other Oliver's....such an awesome name I must say ;.) Do you guys call him Olly like we do? ;.)

  5. Yes we do!! We spell it with an "ie", though. Love, love your Olly's nursery!! Amazing! It makes me want to stencil a wall! I know it was alot of hard work, though!


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