Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eating antique, well sort of.....

Do you have a favorite restaurant that totally takes you to your happy place? I do, well I did ;.) one of the places I will miss the most is Woodberry Kitchen in BMore! It makes me feel like I am dining in an industrial chic array of awesomeness, and in a way I am! So before leaving town we made sure to hit it up a couple more times just to take it all in. When heading to brunch (which is my favorite) ..yay for in between meals ;.) I took the camera with me so I could bring you all along as my date! I hope you like it as much as I do...I find 'decoration inspiration' all around me, because it truly is an old clipper you feeling hungry? lets go, we have a reservation...

  Okay now does this place not make you swoon? If you aren't in love or in like with the 15 ft. tall stack of wood, or multi color shelving slats that house antique finds, gorgeous jellyfish-esk light fixtures, over sized doors, metal gears, beautiful arch windows, touch of metal & brick or those fantastic benches for your bottom....then maybe the food speaks to you ;.)

 The old fashioned sugary donut is served hot...AHHHHMAzing to the ol' tastebuds & the eggs Benedict & I have a special relationship, there really are no words. The menu is always changing because they use local farm (organic) ingredients & this makes everything taste so fresh and ddddddddelicious! Between the aesthetic of the converted mill & the quality of the food, it's just such a unique place to visit. The industrial mill look is sort of a dream home idea for me. If I could live in an old downtown loft (Ghost style, the movie-haha) or in an old barn that had been converted to a chic casa, you would have to send a post card because I would be in dream home decorating heaven! But since that dream won't be happening for a while, probably until the little man moves away from home...I will try to enjoy places like Woodberry & soak in all the creative ideas.

I really hope you enjoyed brunch as much as I did my favorite peeps! DO you have any places near your home that I should try if ever in your area???? If so & I am ever there we should meet up for a date! ;.)

*** Yay tomorrow is Friday! Can I get a woooo whooooo? See ya manana!

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