Wednesday, June 8, 2011

feeling a little "pinteresty" today

Here are some of my most recent Pinterest inspirations.....sorry for lack of photo credits, I am going to get way better about that since the peeps who took these photos totally deserve credit ;.)

Isn't this such a fun light fixture/mobile idea? I am sure it took forever, however I can sooooo appreciate the creativity ;.)

This mirrored cabinet is a future DIY....when we get to Cali that is ;.)  I am determined to do it for not a lot of money...I have lots of ideas up my sleeve. Super excited!

& last but not least...I dream of this soft bedroom
I am going to try & make some of the elements happen next bedroom go round!

Getting very excited & motivated about decorating in Cali! I need a new space for new ideas! BY the way...thanks to all of you super sweet ONLINE buds! You guys are the best readers ever! Yesterday your out pouring of love made me smile! Thanks again for being the best! Until tomorrow dream of decorating!!! I will be. ;.)


  1. I am obsessed with Pinterest! I just bought my first house and will be moving later this month. I've been storing all of my "inspiration" rooms on Pinterest and love it. Good luck with your cross-country move! I'm looking forward to your decor decisions. Cheers, Kate

  2. Thanks so much Kate! Good luck to YOU! Fantastic idea, I heart inspiration folders! OHHHH & HUGE CONGRATS on your first casa!


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