Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In need of a little outdoor space

One thing that has grown very apparent to me is that my little family aka the Crazytown Mafia at the moment ;.) needs some outdoor space. We have never really had much of it and it didn't seem like such a necessity until we found the house we want to live in here (still no word on that btw). That little house had outdoor space that is just as fantastic as the charm of the house. After leaving that property I told the Hubs that some outdoor parties would be in order here, however, I know no one...ahhh the irony ;.) So as we sit here with our fingers, arms, toes, & eyes crossed.....okay, maybe not our eyes....I have been morning/day/night dreaming of out door here is where Pinterest images come in...que the music ;.)

I want to be able to do this, especially on a fall day eating some delicious roasted squash soup....
                                         *photo courtesy of All Things Stylish
I figured it might be time to use a different dining table in the house & convert the existing one to outdoor use or even make something like this...
                                         * photo courtesy of Design Sponge
If not there is always a classic bistro option, which makes me giddy inside as well...
                       * photo found here
No matter what sort of table, I love the idea of maybe using some old reclaimed doors as an outdoor screen....with this feel
                                 * photo by Willow & Frank
& I simply have to indulge in some outdoor lighting...something about it is magical...
I will put the Hubs on that job ;.)
                       * photo courtesy of Style me Pretty
I also just love the idea of being able to be creative. How fab are these cages?
                              * photo found here
So there you have it....these pictures are the outdoor haven my brain is living in these days. If it doesn't work out with the house I believe that everything has a reason & a path I am to will just be hard not to follow it into the garden ;.) If anything else it has made me realize how much I need to try & find some outdoor longer a family of caged birds I hope ;.) Happy Wednesday! See ya tomorrow! ***let me know if you have any fantastic outdoor ideas for outdoor living, or resources.


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