Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just a little catch up....

I am finally back in the land of the living and of the internet, wooo whooo! I wanted to do a little catch up post. First off, let me just tell you how excited I am to be getting settled. It was a long trek here from Baltimore but so worth it. The town we live in is awesome! Biking, trendy shops, all organic markets, fishing, elk, gorgeous vegetation and flowers and surrounded by beaches. It feels like a 65 degree dream and I don't ever want to wake up ;.) I wanted to share a few little shots of the town so far....because it is what is giving me inspiration these days...

I hope these shots give you a little idea of what life is like here. I am feeling so ready to paint, re-upholster and very giddy about the idea of doctoring some Craigslist finds. So welcome to the Schutz casa at Pt. Reyes everyone, feel free to join us on our new "non-city" decorating journey. We are going to relearn how to live in such a quaint and beautiful area and I am going to use the inspiration I find to help me decorate the house. I am super excited and I am off to go gather a great rug for our new living area....I am thinking about this little beauty...see ya tomorrow.
                                    * West Elm in Sorrel


  1. Hi Courtney,
    I have followed your blog since your house crashing post on YHL. I just want to say I loved your previous house, especially the nursery! I think Im just as excited as you to see what you do in your new house!! Good luck to you in your new casa and happy decorating!

  2. Thanks so much Jessica! It should be fun. I love having projects ;.) besides it gives me something to talk to you guys about haha ;.)

  3. Great pics!!! Love it :)


  4. Found your blog on YHL....Looks beautiful! Random questions? What kind of stroller is Olly cruising in?

  5. I also found your blog on YHL! I love the progress on the little one's room. Just wondering if you could tell me the paint color of the little dresser...I love that color! THANKS and can't wait to see how the new casa turns out! :)

  6. Hi Adrienne! Olly is in a CHEAP-O stroller from a company called Dream on Me....here is the link to it I hope this helps you. He likes it & it is SUPER light weight. I actually opted for this & no travel system stroller, it has worked great for us.


  7. MRS Waller ;.) Thanks so much for popping on over from YHL ;.) The color is a GLidden paint called spicy banana pepper yellow ;.) I just love it & I am glad you like it too. Hope this helps ;.)


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