Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little hoot & a ribbet.....

Let me just say that I did not come back from Texas empty handed...even though I knew I had a house full of stuff waiting for me to pack up....what was one or two more things, right? haha. So I had time for a quick DIY thanks to help from the Hubs!

This brass frog prince has seen more charming days ;.) SO I decided to bring him back to life with a magical kiss...more like a magical can of spray paint. The Owl was a favorite new find from Hobby Lobby & at 50% I was hootin' & hollarin' in the middle of the store ;.) However, the color was way off. Now these little lovelies tickle my fancy & I cannot wait to see them in our new Casa on a stack of books or on the entry way console ;.)
& Mr. Ribbet actually got one more fancy schmancy coat of color to make him look just a little bit more dapper ....
Lean mean & soft pale that's a handsome frog. Now must hop back to packing ;.)

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  1. Very adorable. The owl really looks great with the new paint! It sure pays to see beyond the original look of something!


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