Monday, June 20, 2011

Living in a hotel....;.)

Sounds service, maids, free cable .... haha, but it makes me miss my things, which sounds silly now that I type it. However, I can't wait to reunite with my cushy towels, ring holder, couches, pictures etc... So we have been staying VERY focused on the house/apartment hunt every day (accept for a little Daddy's Day fun) but not had much luck. I feel like I am super picky and I am trying to get over that...but let's be honest....I wouldn't be being true to myself ;.)
 So as the hunt continues so does my desire to decorate. So I have been looking at some art work online trying to find some new pieces to mix nicely with ones I already have ;.) I just luv new art work friends for the wall! SO i have been looking for something sort of quirky...and believe me when I say I FOUND IT haha. I would like some of these for our future casa as well as for Olly's room ;.) Let's have a little show and tell session, shall we? Meet Berkley Illustration...

They make me smile!!! I think the Hubs needs the orange squirrel for his bedside table to go with  his gold squirrel ring holder....makes total sense to me haha. I also love the fox for our kiddo's wall.....cuz Olly seems sly & sneaky, in a cute 8 months old kind of way hahah. The pieces are super fun & very affordable, Check out their Etsy shop it's such a fun art shop! I also found this and luv's a little splurge, but it's a San Fran artist which seems fitting so I may need it ;.)
It's made out of cut paper which I find SUPER creative &'s called Autumn's kiss....& I just love it. Check it out here, the artist's work is simply beautiful.
So there you go...I tried to keep it lite for a Monday morning ;.) Let me know of any good art you have come across lately, I am always looking....until tomorrow....I must go we have three appointments today! Wish us luck...Momma needs a casa pronto!


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