Thursday, June 16, 2011

Petaluma dreamin'

As I have been driving down the nostalgic Route 66, you would think that I would be taking it all in....well I have been, in bits & pieces that is because I am too busy day dreaming of where we will live & what decor choices I get to make next. Wooo whooo! So I made a little mood board for myself for my future bedroom while crusin' the freeway....some people play slug bug or I spy, some read or play games, some even sing songs...apparently I am finding out that I decorate at 28 years old haha. This is a dream inspiration board for me, which was thrown together in publisher so quickly I am almost embarrassed to show you...however, it is the feel I am going for. The problem is the cost of this I will be looking for ways to create some of these items at cheaper prices...I may paint something old, or shop for look-a-likes, but this is a good guide for what I am lovin' right now. So here it is in it's cottage-esque glory...I heart it, well for now anyway...I have more highway to cruise today & who knows, I may be inspired by something else ;.) Happy Thursday!

* I hope maybe you see something you fancy. Let me know if you ever are looking for any particular type of mood boards...I love to make em' back to this


  1. LOVE that wallpaper and Eddie Chair. I'm slightly obsessed with yellow, gray, and teal combinations.

  2. the enitre board is SO my style! I love it! And if I'd read your blog earlier yesterday, I'd have known you'd be going through my state & have offered you guys a limeade on your way! Hope you're having a blast!

  3. What a gorgeous combination. I love all your ideas. That wallpaper is beautiful.

  4. Love that awesome teal chair!! And I think your adorable driver might need a booster seat! Very cute!

  5. Mandi over at Vintage Revivals has a project where she metalized a night stand using tinfoil for nothing and it turned out really well. Maybe you could use her technique for your dresser.


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