Monday, June 27, 2011

Progress in Pt. Reyes

It was an awesome weekend at the Schutz casa! We did a lot of unpacking, farmer's market-ing, & yummy local food eating.
I just wanted to stop by and update you on the little man's room. His was our first priority to unpack. I had to drive into town to find wifi ;.) So I will be happy  ecstatic  to be up & running tomorrow evening from my house, after the Internet God's pay me a visit (of course). So here is a little glimpse of Olly's room. Starting Wednesday I will be back to my normal posting schedule & projects wooo whooo! So please just bare with me, we are almost there folks ;.) Thanks for being such loyal readers btw & for all the Super SWEET comments about our new lil' home. We are excited and I just want to have you ALL over for dinner ;.)

So on to a little decor ;.).....Look at the fantastic rug & lamp I found for the little man's room. The rug was a $29 score from Pier 1 & the lamp was another $29 score from Homegoods....wooo whoooo! YAY for good finds. How do you like it?

I am in love with the pattern of the rug & the horse lamp... with his huge horse painting should be FAB! What do you guys think?

*also a little extra tid bit, for your viewing pleasure look at our lemons...all 6 of them...purchased for a dollar..
Now let me put their size in perspective...;.)

Ginormous...right????? They are seriously the size of grape fruits & bigger than the size of my dog's head! Can we say there is a lot of lemonade in our future??? Pucker up hubs!!! ;.) Hope you guys have an awesome Monday! I will be updating tomorrow see ya Wednesday!


  1. Wow. Looks great! What is the name of the yellow on his dresser. It's so pretty. Thanks.

  2. Thanks so much! I think it's called spicy banana pepper yellow by glidden.... I hope this helps :.)

  3. absolutely adorable! Congrats on the amazing home find!

  4. Your style is wonderful- so mixed up and risky. I absolutely love it. Can't wait to see the rest of the house!


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