Friday, June 17, 2011

Project Proud of our Papa's day!

I couldn't let Father's day slip by (especially since it is the Hub's first this year) without doing a little project to share with you guys. Since I have been traveling it had to be something I could easily do with minimal supplies. So I decided to make a terrific tie topper to jazz up any gift. Look at this guy....quite a stud if I Say so myself...
I used tape, scissors, a needle & thread as well as some inexpensive Goodwill finds...Thanks Amarillo ;.)
only $10 total, not too shabby. I also bought a box for 2.50 from Joann's but you could use anything you have laying around...even an old shoe box.

* I had four ties. I started by tying a bow with one & then gathering the small ends of the other three & sewing them together with just a little varied lengths.

* I then cut the ties above where I stitched and got ready to tape it to the inside of the lid...however I wasn't satisfied with the brown lid, so I cut up the old shorts and used the fabric to cover the lid...this is why you can use any box you want ;.) But you can totally skip this step if it's not ur thang ;.)

The last step was to place the bow I tied into a bow on top of the other tie pieces & snip off the extra length at an angle. I had to use tape because that was all I had..however, you could use hot glue or fabric glue as well.
This is it finished...looking all dapper & totally worthy of all our papa's out there. You could even embellish it more with old wooden or leather buttons. Maybe I can do that next year ;.) For now it's ready for the Hubs.

*The photo shoot outside in the California desert was worth the stop...the truckers thought I was crazy, I thought I was being creative haha! I hope you all have an awesome Daddy's day & that maybe this sparks an idea for a use for those old ties in the closet! I will see you peeps Monday!


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