Monday, June 13, 2011

Taking time for a lil play along the way

Okay, a road trip isn't fun without a few interesting stops along the way. So one place I have been dying to go for a while is a good ole' town called Scottsboro, Alabama. This town has lured me to it because of it's promise of a HUGE unclaimed bag store. Did you know that the airports take all of the unclaimed luggage & send it to somewhere and sell it? I had NO CLUE and since I discovered this little gem on info I have felt obsessed to go there. I had no clue people actually DIDN'T claim their bags...super strange to me, not too sure how that works ;.) but what I am sure about is that it's totally fantastic! In person It was like JACKED UP Goodwill on steroids with better stuff! Jewelry, cameras, ipods, computers, clothes, suitcases, purses, sunglasses, etc... if people travel with it, it's there. Here are just some of the amazing things I found...Can u believe they even had wedding dresses?
such a steal at $187.00 now that is a wedding budget I could live with. ***the pictures were taken by the iphone since I didn't want to look like crazy camera lady in the store, so bare with me ;.)
This dress is FABulous! I wanted to take it home with me ;.) but I left it...
This was one of my favorite hat carrying cases & it was only $5.30....I sort of thought the bold print was super fun!
& some of the most interesting treasures that they find aren't for sale, but they are on display for all to enjoy. This was an old French newspaper...

& this next item made my life complete...
Meet Hoggle, my FAVORITE character from the Movie,  Labyrinth....yes I just admitted my nerd like love for a tight pant wearing David Bowie & a fantasy like world of is Hoggle in his gory, he showed up unclaimed in the 1980' made me all giddy inside.
So there you have just a little sample of what is going on in Scottsboro. Click here for more info....


  1. that store was featured on Nightline last night and i swear i saw someone looking at that fab sequin dress! i so want to road trip it.
    and i also share your love of Labyrinth.

  2. You're right it soooo was...I watched that too, it was too funny! I luv when that happens ;.) It was worth the visit

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