Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trying to say goodbye...Courtney style....

Figuring out a plan for moving our family cross country was difficult, figuring out the way to pack up five years worth of stuff wasn't easy either...but trying to say goodbye to my favorite Bmore peeps is the worst! Today, I have to say goodbye to a sweet pal, so I thought what better way to say I will miss you than with a homemade gift! So here is a little idea for a fun summer flower arrangement. It would be great for a teacher gift, hostess gift, or just fun to make and enjoy around your own casa ;.)

You will need...
a container (which I bought on clearance)
chalkboard spray paint & a piece of chalk
an Oasis to stick the flowers into
bright flowers (I chose mini-carnations)
& a straw and pre-made label if you want to make it extra special

 *I first spray painted the container I got on sale with the chalkboard spray paint & started to cut my flowers

*After soaking my Oasis & placing it down into the container I started to cut the flowers and poke them into the Oasis...building on the color.

 * I then took a straw I had & a 99 cent pre-made label & made it into a fun tag for the flowers...
 Stab it in & you're almost done. You can always make your own label as well ;.)

 I then wrote all the way around the container with chalk....just be careful not to rub it off after you have written it ;.)

I scribbled a little personalized note....Made of gold your shining personality inspires laughter, making your heart the most loving friend.

It was simple & yet it is one way I can let her know how much I will miss her sweet smile. I hope it floats her boat as much as it does mine....she owns Trohv & her style is ubber fab, so I tried to think of something that would be 100% creativity approved ;.)

I really hope some of you will try this fun little project & let me know if it brightens your day!

So other than drinking way too many Starbuck's teas, couting down the hours until the new OWN documentary, & trying to find the words to say goodbye today, we are continuing to pack, pack,pack....everyone is pitching in & I mean everyone ;.)

 Happy Thursday peeps! Wish you were here ;.) I could use some extra hands & lots of laughs! Have an awesome day!


  1. Any chance you would be interested in selling your chandelier with the shade over the cutting block in the kitchen? I LOVE it!!!!

  2. I am so sorry I am just getting back with you. I had to ask the realitor & wait for a response. Because we didnt exclude it from the house & we already started the showing the house with it hung up I cannot take it down at this point & replace it. I am super sorry. I will make it up to you in Cali with a how to on how to make one like it ;.)

  3. Hi Olly's mama :)

    inspired by your gift from the heart, i had to share it on my blog too... still a newbie at blogging.


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