Monday, July 18, 2011

Alphabet Therapy

Happy Monday! Today is the Hub's birthday, so I am going to make this a quick one today, he has to be spoiled a little ;.) ....I wanted to show you a little project I have been working on for my bestie's brother's wedding....The beautiful bride Amanda asked me to jazz up some letters that she got from Urban Outfitters. They were basic plain metal letters that she wanted to have a little more personality. So I sprayed, wrapped in 50 yards or ribbon & embellished with ribbon roses and antique shoe clips. I really hope she likes them. I am very excited to see how they look on her registration table at the wedding. Let me know what you think...

                                        Here was the letter before.....

& here is what they look like finished.....

I tried to make them mimic the idea of a bride & groom. Her wedding colors are purple & off white, so I tried to bring in a lot of different shades...plum, lavender, lilac, deep hues etc...I was really pleased with how they came out. Now I better be off to enjoy a day of birthday celebrating with the Hubs! mmmmm cake!

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