Thursday, July 28, 2011

The copy cat files....

We are finally on to step 3 of my little work nook transformation. After hanging up some good ole' artwork I decided it was time to add a little function to the space, with a lamp. As usual, I didn't just want a basic lamp shade...I wanted something fun, girly, & colorful like these Anthropologie beauties...

However, with price tags of $128 and $98 just for the shades, it wasn't in my budget for this project. So I decided I would have to DIY my own shade and try to get the same feel. So I hit the on sale jackpot at Pottery Barn the other day and scored this $28 throw pillow cover...wooo whooo!

I absolutely adore the colors and the flowers. I thought it would make the perfect lamp shade to go along with this lamp, which I already had...
So after a few crazy looks from the Hubs, trying to figure out how I was going to turn a throw pillow case into the perfect shade, I grabbed a pair of scissors & got to cuttin'.
 I cut along the stitched seams in order to open it up and make it a longer piece of fabric, making it easier to fit around the shade....

Then I only had to wrap the shade like I did in this previous post , I will spare you repeat instructions ;.) And here she is all dressed up and ready for a night out on the town...

 I was so excited about how it turned out. I was even able to use the buttons that closed the back of the pillow as part of the decoration on the back of the shade. I thought it was a whimsical touch.

I just LOVE it and I was super excited that I was able to get such a fancy, embellished looking Anthro-lookalike shade without the cost. I felt like it was not too bad for $28, I was able to add function to my workspace but with style (don't judge me & my priorities haha). BTW the cover is still currently on sale at Pottery Barn if any one else digs the pattern. Also don't forget to enter in yesterday's Giveaway, you have until tomorrow night ;.) See you guys tomorrow with the completed desk project, let me know what you think so far ;.)  


  1. That lamp was beautiful to begin with. The shade just kicked it up a notch! Love it!

  2. Thanks so much! You're totally right the lamp was fab before but it just felt a little naked to me with it's white shade. I'm so glad u like it :.)

  3. I love that lamp (and shade)! Would you divulge where it came from? Looking forward to seeing the big reveal tomorrow!

  4. Of course Nicole :.) it was actually a Homegoods find a few months back.... Around May I believe... Only $40 what a steal :.)

  5. Can it be ironed after it is attached to the shade? Not sure if that would work but just thought I'd ask. Thanks!

  6. No, you would have to iron it before :.) I know it may look un-ironed in the pics but it's just the way the pillow naturally gathered around the embroidery, I think it looks better in person :.)

  7. that's pretty ingenious. Looks great!

  8. No it's beautiful...I just assumed maybe it got a bit "pulled" while working on it. I love the idea and the fabric! :)

  9. wow, what a gorgeous shade! so clever of you to use the pillow cover!!

  10. You are seriously the Queen of DIY. Look at this thing! Only you would turn it into absolute genius-ness.

  11. This is so fabulous. Fabulous looking and a great idea to save some money. A truely great idea.
    ~ Christie

  12. You're amazing! This is totally fabulous!

    Your entire blog is so inspiring! You have a huge talent for pulling a room together in unexpected ways. Just love everything!

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