Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fab Freebie!!!

Happy Wednesday peeps! Today is a VERY Exciting day here at A Little Glass Box....we have our very first giveaway from K. Flick Studio!
This amazing shop has a beautiful collection of handmade necklaces & earrings as well as some gorgeous leather bags, which are to die for!

Giveaway ALERT! Feast your eyes on this lil white beauty...
Isn't she just fab? She is UP FOR GRABS today! It's such a simple and versatile piece that can accentuate any outfit. Whether you're sporting a military coat, blazer, a fun little summer dress or even something a bit fancier, you would look stunning with this necklace around your neck!

To win & eventually be envied: You must simply visit K Flick Studio's shop (Click here) & find your favorite piece, then leave a comment on A Little Glass Box telling me which incredible piece is your fav & where you would wear it ;.) Don't forget you must be a follower to comment & be eligible to win (click here to follow).  I will accept comments until Friday at midnight & I will announce one lucky WINNER on MONDAY! To easily leave a comment click here.

**For those who want a double chance to win....Kflickstudio has decided to give a second surprise piece of jewelry to a lucky someone who follows the shop on Twitter. Click here to follow KFlickStudio on Twitter.

While you're visiting the shop you should totally do some early Christmas shopping or heck just splurge on yourself. Check out this sexy lil' handmade bag....
I have a serious crush on this bag & paired with these dangling pretties....


 Everything in the shop is just so special. I know you'll love them just as much as I do! I can't wait to see which one is your favorite & who has the most unique idea as to where to wear them ;.) Good luck! & remember you have until Friday night at Midnight...;.)


  1. Testing the comment section ;.) Someone lucky is going to win!

  2. So gorgeous! I am also loving the Fanfare earrings in turquoise! So simple and elegant. I would honestly wear those earrings anywhere, no special occasion needed! But I would definitely show them off on my next ladies night! ; )

  3. I ♥ the LYLE(medium) clutch! Where would I take it? EVERYWHERE!!

  4. Nice stuff, and nearly impossible to pick just one thing! I'm a fan of both the Goldmine necklace or Big Country necklace. I love the charms, and would wear the necklace mostly to work, and some play time. I also love the bags, but I had to pick!

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sammy bag in silver! Oh, how I would have that thing on me everyplace I went! I would where it, lunching, walking, visiting! Love your blog too :)

  6. I'm in looooove with the Lyle! Over-sized clutches are my obsession-of-the-moment, I just can't get enough. I love the simple but unique style of this one. I'd carry the silver with me every day for that little pop of *something extra*

  7. My favorite piece was definitely the bonfire necklace. I have a giant crush on the color coral as of late & I find that it's the perfect POP! on anything- I can see it paired with a teal dress I have in my closet that I break out for date night every once in a while. The dainty gold with the pretty coral dots would make quite the statement!

  8. Gunmetal gray earrings are just too cute!!!! I love that I could use them for any occasion both formal and casual!!! Love with a capital LOVE!!

  9. Love the cabin fever necklace, I would wear it constantly! Also really like the white duck necklace that is being given away here. Really I would be very happy with anything from this store :)
    Sammitina (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I have to second Joanna's comment - the gunmetal gray earrings are great. Perfect to go with all of the gray I've accumulated over the last year - it's been such a popular color.

  11. I am big time crushing on Gold Mine! It is so my jam!

  12. CALYPSO ALL THE WAY!!! and is it ok if I have 2 equally favorites??? because i do.... calypso and gold mine! totally looooving them!
    I would wear these to a dazzling ball, or just to work and out with the husband...because there's not a lot of dazzling balls around here... (ya know, since it's 2011..)

  13. I love the grandview layering necklace!

  14. my current favorite (could change minute-by-minute) is the silver sammy clutch. i would take it on a date with my hubs on one of richard branson's virgin galactic space flights!!

    (i love k. flick stuff, i always ogle pieces i see in trohv.)

  15. I love the Campfire necklace, I'd wear it to work and out and about! So cute.

  16. I have been reading your blog forever and am happy to finally be subscribed! My apologies it took a beautiful necklace to lure me in. :)

    I adore the briny necklace. The colors remind me of the sea; so I think I would wear it to the Channel Islands on a boating trip with my father.

  17. ooo ... i love them all!! love bonfire, santorini, and grandview!!

    p.s. your blog is fantastic ... so fresh!!

  18. It's hard to pick one favorite piece, but I love the Fanfare earrings!

  19. My wife and all her friends love Kohli's jewelry. She says it is not only very stylish but amazing quality.

    She already has the necklace that's being given away, but if we won... we know loads of people who would love to own this!!

  20. Gareth you're right.... Amazing quality :.) I actually met you and ur lovely wife at Beckett Hitch a week or so before you had your baby girl.... My kid was wearing the owl hat haha :.) thanks for stopping by and supporting Kohli!

  21. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I can't wait to see who wins! Best of luck to all. xoxo

  22. be still my beating heart! the *bramble* clutch would make me so happy! i love that it's made from remnant leather, so that no material is wasted (reuse and recycle, please)! i would make it a permanent accessory for my right hand. Lord love a duck (white duck, that is)!
    *stephanie b*
    p.s. amazing new space for yourself!

  23. I L.O.V.E. everything on her site - it's impossible to pick a favorite! One piece that really caught my eye was the sea serpent necklace. And rather than thinking of one place to wear it, I'm pretty sure I would wear it everywhere! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  24. Love the grandview necklace and I of course wold wear it on a date night with the hubby, as that is when I wear all my fancy jewels ;) I'm a follower!


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