Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A first Fourth @ casa de Schutz

I hope you guys had an amazing Fourth of July & holiday weekend ;.) It was Oliver's first 4th of July so we decided to do it up fun red white & blue style! I wish you guys could have been hanging out in our backyard with us...letting the breeze blow, enjoying some good food, and forgetting the scattered boxes that still needed to be unpacked around the house ;.)  But since you couldn't I thought I might share some pictures. I had so much fun getting to be creative & making a fun table and spread in honor of our ole' great nation....

Uncle Sam's bday Menu!
*Turkey, bacon, & avocado sandwiches
*Parmesan oven baked fries
*homemade fresh, organic cherry limeade
*& finished our tummies off with Strawberry cake with vanilla icing and blueberries...yum yum...

That is probably one of the my most favorite cakes I have ever made. I just loved that vintage swim girl. I found her for $12 a few months back at a Texas shop while antiquing and just knew I had to work her into our patriotic festivities. At the end of the day we all had such an amazing time. Way to kick off the summer Cali, happy First 4th my Olly Tate, we love you!


  1. girl, you should be a caterer!! Your fourth of july spread looks so yummy!! Those sandwiches wrapped in paper and tied with twine-so cute!! And the little swimmer is adorable-so creative of you!! ok, I have to know where you find all of Olly's cute hats! ( I think my Ollie needs some!)

  2. Oooh can we get the recipe for that organic cherry limeade? Sounds delicious!

  3. Thanks ladies! Amy I get most of his hats from Janie & jack...... we have a little olly hat addiction don't we hahah.

    The cherry limeade I adapted from Martha Stewart's July issue of cherry lemonade. After I made the cherry syrup I added sparkling organic limeade from the store...however Martha tells you how to make an awesome lemonade to add it too. I hope this helps. ;.) let me know if you need me to email you the specific recipe. ;.)

  4. **I meant July issue of the magazine...recipe cherry lemonade ;.)


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