Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If I knew I would have moved back to Cali along time ago....

You know how every once in a while you stumble across a little somethin' somethin' that takes you to your happy place? An awesome little coffee shop, a little flower market, or a fun boutique? Well I struck GOLD this past weekend thanks to my Mom & her recommendation that I visit one of the Bay area's best antique fairs. It was opens at 6 am on the first Sunday every month and it's set up along the water...There were soooo many items...nothing less than 20 years old. Furniture, art, dishes, textiles and the list could go on forever. There were so many vendors that even after spending the day there I could not get to all of them. It was such an amazing place that I will be looking at my monthly calendar differently now....I will be counting down til' the first Sunday of every month 12 times a year ;.) If any of you are ever in the Bay area we should totally go together...but if not, then I thought you might like to check out a few photos....

*sneak peak....I scored this little vintage four- legged beauty for a future project... only$25 stay tuned for that. As for today, we are off to an amazing fabric, trim, and ribbon store downtown in San Fran...the hubs is a lil' worried...I am a little too excited ;.)

                               *not a great shot but you get the idea;.)
 Have a great day!


  1. My best friend Jessica sells there every month! She makes rings using vintage findings and puts them on chunky wooden ring bases. Her jewelry line is called J Fein Designs :) Wonder if you saw her...I moved to Charlotte two years ago after living in the Bay my whole life...I love and miss the Alameda Antique Show...Lucky girl!

  2. Awww man I wish you still lived here we could be buds ;.) I really do think I saw her beautiful jewlery...I only left her tent empty handed because there were already so many people in line. I was on a mission to try and see it all ;.) hahha impossible...I am totally going to look for her next month & stop by to say hi if I see her! I must say NC has some ahhhmazing furniture ;.) My family is from there. I am super excited you visit the blog. Don't be a stranger!

  3. Awesome, please do! You will love her stuff...tell her Tiff says hi...btw, I am absolutely drooling over your new place! Cannot wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Im curious to know if your vintage stool is adjustable? Im asking b/c I got a red one($3.99) at my thrift store here and underneath theres all these different heights the top can adjust to.
    You can see it here:
    I absolutely LOVE the color you found here.

  5. I checked and sadly it isn't. I think it is so awesome that yours does....and a $3.99 find....way to go girl, you totally rock! Luv ur blog ;.)


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