Monday, July 25, 2011

My nook is off da Hook...step 1

Two good things happened this weekend....some good eatin' & some desk work progress, (excuse me for a sec while I celebrate with a happy dance)! It is so important to me to have my own space. A little Courtney nook of my own. However, as a Mom I have noticed I quickly get forced out of the areas that we need to use as a family. In the old house I lost my office to the nursery & at the new house I was quick to give up a third bedroom to get some much needed outdoor space (that just so happened to come with a two bedroom house). So the past few weeks I have been in search of a little place of my own, to be able to look at my favorite things (so what if they're girly) and be able to write not surrounded by laundry on the bed or dinner table disasters ;.)  Then on Friday it finally hit me that a little niche in the kitchen was unused, unclaimed, uninspiring, untouched & had some great Blogging headquarters potential...(sold!!!).  And even though it was out in the open & still part of the kitchen I just knew I could find a way to make it mine. Here is the space looking a little naked, lonely, & homely (imagine American Idol contestants pre-stylist days TOTALLY kidding ;.)....
You know those cords are sexy, haha. To help define the space I decided I wanted a subtle yet graphic wallpaper type affect as the back drop to my desk. What wall doesn't like to look jazzy? However, I wasn't interested in Temp paper designs, painting a stencil or the actual commitment and finality of wallpaper. So I went to my local Paper Source shop which has some amazing paper, stationary, & cards btw...and I picked up some of these beauties (pictured below) on sale. I purchased 8 sheets & some tape adhesive for a total of $37 buckaroos... compared to Anthropologie's roll of paper at $148, I was super pleased...

The Hubs & I worked our way from corner to corner....taping & smoothing down the sheets of paper. A little side note the adhesive I used is strong enough to pull the paint off the wall but not too sticky where it will ruin the drywall. Touch ups will be in order when the paper comes down. Here is the tape I used...

*it's says thermo-web ;.)

I know it doesn't look too exciting, yet...however, this is a little sneak peak of step 1 to this entire process.....I still have to make it functional, decorate it, & add personality...ahhhh yes. But I was really pleased as to how easy this part seemed, as well as how inexpensive...I love that it looks like wallpaper without actually being wallpaper. Even though you can see some seams they disappear after the whole area is finished....promised ;.) Don't loose faith in me yet people!
 There are those sexy cords again!
OHHH yea, I also mentioned some good eatin'...well here it is in it's yumminess glow! Caramelized onions, roasted egg plant, & mozzarella melt on french bread...YUM-O!  Hope you're weekend was just as tasty ;.) See you tomorrow!

* brushed with a little balsamic & truffle oil.....mmmm, to die for!



  1. ooooooohhh gooey cheesy goodness!!!
    Truffle oil?!?!?!..........How fancy schmancy girl!! Love the wall paper chic!!

  2. I immediately ordered a pizza and went through my paper drawer after reading this post.

  3. Thanks to you both! The idea of using regular paper has me doing all sorts of crazy projects in my head :.) ohhhh and I could totally go for some more eggplant melt.... Or a pizza haha :.)

  4. I'm curious about the type of paper you used for the wall. Is it thick like wall paper or more like wrapping paper? What size were the sheets? Lastly, did you use the tape adhesives around the whole border or did you put some in the middle also?

    I know someone that is looking for an option to decorate the back of a dresser and I thought this might work for her.

    Thanks -Becca

  5. Hey Becca! The exact paper I used can be found at It is thicker than wrapping paper and comes in sheets that are approx. 3x2. it is almost as thick as brown packing paper you use for packages. As far as the adhessive goes I put it around the border as well as in the middle. In fact the exact tape I used can be purchsed through Paper Source as well ;.) I really hope this helps. I would love to see the dresser when it's done! ;.)

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