Friday, July 8, 2011

Show & Tell....

Yesterday I was thinking about everything you awesome readers/fellow bloggers email to me, comment to me etc.... & I was thinking it might be fun to have a day where I show & tell your homes, A design diva debut so to speak ;.) I would LOVE to see your favorite "decor moment" or "hot spot" of your home...and then share it with the class, haha ;.) You guys truly inspire me & I would love to pass that on to everyone else. So what do you guys think? Would you be interested? If so email me at with your info & pics of your favorite space and let's go from there ;.) Also any questions you may have because I am thinking about a Q & A as well ;.)

I have a fun chair project this weekend as well as some of the last things to tackle and unpack so we can call this ol' gal home fo realz! I also scored a fab deal on a headboard yesterday..super excited that I can share more on that with you all later.

 But since it is Friday, I wanted to have a little fun, and take a moment to say scream thank you to three awesome friends...they were so amazing....they braved the move with me from Bmore to Cali....I call them CaGaohli for short, you guys should meet. Look at all the fun things we did along the way, it was a crazy trip ;.)

* we went through the Mountains of Tennessee & ate some great food....

We ate some catfish because we were somebody ;.) visited the unclaimed baggage store in AL & took some time to visit the fam along the way

We visited some crazy nuns and started down Route 66 where we visited the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo...

    as well as running into some snarly bikers who recommended a creepy hotel ;.) We charged through New Mexico and visited the good ole' jack rabbit....making some time for some teepee's along the way..

We ran into a NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, visited the meteor crater in AZ where astronauts used to practice for upcoming moon missions, and our trip ended together in Barstow, Cali when the law stepped in. Overall, an amazing experience ;.) I highly recommend the next time you make a cross country move you bring your bestie friends on a stick with you ;.)Much LOVE Carmen, Gary, & Kohli we miss you!!!


  1. wowza! we had quite a trip didn't we! thanks for taking us along, it was a fantastic ride. xoxo

  2. Oh, we had such a great time with y'all on this across-the-country trip! Thank you for including us in your adventures!! We misssssssssss you!

    PS....I can't decide which is my favorite....the nuns, the bikers, or the catfish? Such fun times!

  3. This is A-mazing!! I absolutely LOVE IT! I have laughed so hard! My favorite is for sure the bikers! I couldn't love it more!!! Thanks for thinking of us. We miss you guys!! XO


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