Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend project files...a chair story

This weekend the entire family worked on projects...some more productive than others...;.)

While Olly helped the hubs work on some man work....Might I add, with great success ;.)

I worked on taking this little flat, no personality $6 Goodwill find. Which quickly went from this....

To this....

All it took was some scrap fabric & a can o' spray paint in navy blue and one in white @ $2.98 a piece... I used a flat head screwdriver, sandpaper 330 grit, & a staple is the process for anyone who is interested...
 *First I removed the seat cushion using a flat head screwdriver....

*Then I used a 330 sanding block from Home depot to scratch & rough up the surface....following with a wet & dry towel to get all of the dust off before painting.

*I did one light coat of white spray paint (which is optional), I just wanted the navy blue that went on top to be true to the color shown which I find helps with a white base coat.

 *I then did three different VERY light coats of the navy blue, letting it dry in the sun in between...Doing light coats is very important so the paint doesn't run or bubble up. This was a step that is always so hard for this gal....I'm not the most patient person during a project...but totally worth it ;.)

 *After finishing all the coats & letting it dry completely for a few hours....I was able to simply cover, fold, and staple the fabric over the existing cushion. I screwed the cushion back into place & I just loved the fun chair I was left with. Only a $12 investment.

I loved this project because it didn't take too long to it gave me more time during my beautiful weekend to get back to this.......

Ohhh yea, he's totally my kid....I luv him. Happy Monday peeps, see ya tomorrow!

*By the way keep sending in your favorite rooms of your house to my email

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