Thursday, August 4, 2011

Design Envy....

Here are some rustic & whimsical decor elements I am LOVING these days....Trying to figure out if any of them will make it into my home ;.)  *Also BIG SHOUT OUT to the Hubs..happy COAST GUARD DAY!!!

 These amazing letters are from Restoration Hardware baby & child...The mix of wood & metal makes this gal happy. I think it would be cute to spell out Exit above the door.

This fun wood block print is from an Etsy artist...LUV it!!!! Click here for more info & to visit his awesome shop.

I think these linen schoolhouse pillows are fantastic and very affordable.

This Anthro wallpaper could really enhance a small bathroom or a wall behind the headboard....I am itching to hang a wallpaper like this in a hallway or entry way to put hooks on for coats and scarves (or to park some rubber rain boots in front of it). I also would take a sharpie to the tree and "engrave" the initials C+R=Love in a trunk.
This pricey little chair actually had me speechless when I saw it in person. The mix between the worn leather and the shiny metal had me swooning and my heart nearly stopped....The idea of using airplane parts re-purposed for a chair is some idea of design recycling genius-ness.

& last but not least this lil sparkling beauty has me wishing I was a bird in another life ;.) I think this could be an easy affordable DIY which would be amazing since this one is wayyyyyy out of my price range ;.) Don't you?

Now back to real life and real life projects for me I go...see you tomorrow! Let me know if any of you purchase any of these items so I can live vicariously through you ;.)


I love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Comment away!


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