Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dining Room Progress

Slowly but surely we are finding a place for our favorite pieces of art. So when I bought this rug for the living room,
I was super excited to be able to use a piece of artwork that had previously been hiding in the basement...put there all alone, left over from the days when I had my own office....(ok, it was amongst a lot of other castaways). However, it could not adorn the walls in the living room due to these light casting beauties...
So I decided it should go in the adjoining dining room to help bring the orange colors over into another space....I thought it would look so amazing against the stonework and the wood ceiling planks....But, with only fluorescent lighting in there, it would look a little dark....so after some luck from the chandelier gods I was able to find a very simple, modern, five light chandelier on sale from $169 marked down to $65 with an additional 10% off for a military discount...wooo whooo now that's a good bargain ;.) After a simple Hubby light change out... there is now lots of warm glowing light to cast around and to highlight the beautiful hues of orange that are in the painting...Take a look....
 & here snuggle up a little closer to the newest light in da' house....

It's simple yet fits the space well. Eating isn't nearly as boring now ;.) So a little progress in the dining room is being made in the Schutz casa, I am going to stop with it for now and let the creative process work naturally in my noggin'...so now I am off to tackle & meddle in something else ;.)


  1. Really fantastic! Can you tell us a bit about your equine friend who's peeking out of the right corner of the picture? Love him!


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