Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fallin' for these

With fall like temps here in Northern Cali & darker nights with pots of chili being made already
 (after the little man goes to sleep)..I can't help but concentrate on fall activities and fall fashion. These are just a few of the items I would like to add to my fall line up...along with a darker shade of brown luscious locks of course ;.) Here are just a few of my favs!
The Blazer & lip stain in Mulberry will be the first pieces to add to my fall rotation ;.) I must say I recently purchased the Dior mascara at Sephora (with a gift card because it is a bit pricey) but I am in LOVE with it, totally worth the splurge! I must say I am not normally a mascara snob but now that I have used it I probably won't go back to a different brand....This fall is super special. Olly is turning a year old, I have a 10 year high school reunion, a trip to Texas, the Renaissance Festival, Ou Football games, as well as my favorite day of the year, HALLOWEEN ;.) So any and all of these items will be invited to join me along my fall adventures. So now that you know my fall schedule, what does your fall look like? What are you getting excited about? Oh & who is totally excited about Vampire Diaries coming back & Fringe & House & Dexter??? I AM!!!

I can't forget where you can buy these fine items...
1. Cozy blazer
2. beautiful earrings
3. gold cuff
4. to die for bag
5. Look at me shoes
6. changed my make-up life mascara
7. stain my lips....stain
8. rich hue polish
9. Pretty in pink coat


  1. Dior mascara is THE BEST! I used to cringe a little when I bought it but then realized it was $25 well spent when my eyes looked so awesome! plus, I tried going back to drugstore brands a couple times and after a week or two my eyelashes were literally breaking in half..oh I heart you...

  2. I LOVE those earrings and that beautiful leather bag!

  3. I am so glad I am not the only one ;.) I love that mascara too!

    Carmen the bag and I are sort of in love at the moment... ;.)

  4. Ditto re:the mascara. And I love that you love the Cynthia polish! I bought that color but haven't worn it. I'm waiting for daytime temps to dip below 106...


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