Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flight of the butterfly....

Butterfly art seems to be everywhere these days when it comes to design. So when I recently re-decorated my shelves I wanted to incorporate some butterfly art in with all of my other nature inspired decor. The only thing was I didn't want it to look the way I typically see it. I needed something new ;.) I think this image is stunning, the colors are amazing...

However, I needed something on a smaller scale. So I brought the butterflies in by doing a little (less then $10) art project this week and I thought I might share it with some of you crazy kids ;.)

Here is what I needed:
1.Some gold metallic spray paint
2.Some plastic butterflies from the craft store
3.Some sticky dots & leftover scrap paper
4.A shadow box

Here is the gold spray paint I LOVE to use (the coverage is fantastic)

Here were some plastic butterflies scored from Michael's for $3
The shadow box was a fab-o cheap find. It was originally $18 from the Martha Stewart collection, that I actually scored at Tuesday Morning for $4. However, ANY shadow box will work and can be purchased inexpensively with a coupon from Michael's.
I then just sprayed the plastic butterflies with nice light coats of the gold metallic paint.

I then cut some extra paper (leftover from my desk project) to fit inside the shadow box. I secured it with some sticky tape & then after the butterflies were dry I used sticky dots to secure them in a line inside the box. I really just love the it is finished and in it's new home...

Isn't it fun? And not too bad for $10. I just love what a can of spray paint can do and I love that now I get to enjoy the butterfly craze (and the dragonfly I snuck in there) in a different way than the norm. This could also be very cute sprayed fun colors for a child's room and even fun to use lots of different kinds of bugs and insects. But, for now I will just enjoy these lovely ladies.

Don't forget to have an awesome day...I am off to go work on some projects for next week. See ya soon!


  1. That's great! I love the high price look for $10 :)

  2. I am not a butterfly fan at all but this actually make them look nice. Good job !

  3. Thanks so much! They add something simply elegant to the shelves and I just love how they greet me when i walk by! Y'all are too sweet!

  4. Soooo tempted to copy this directly! It looks great!

  5. So cute and unique! I love it! :)

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