Friday, August 12, 2011

My little secret

So I know that I am far from perfect...however, I have a little confession that I didn't realize was such an issue til' I was cleaning the other day. I am ready to admit it in hopes that others of you will tell me I am not alone...For some crazy reason I have a real problem REMOVING PRICE tags when I get home with something. I didn't think it was such an issue until I went to fluff the pillows & put the throw blanket away and this is what I discovered...

 Tags everywhere! What is my deal? I don't have any plans to return the items so I don't know why I hesitate to remove them...crazy, right? I am off to go and find a dependable pair of scissors where I will be spending my day on a tag hunt...where I WILL be freeing myself & removing all price tags haha. It should be a good, productive start to the weekend. See you crazy kids on Monday! ***Ohhh and let's keep the secret on the hush hush...I don't want people to think I am too weird ;.)


  1. I found a lampshade (on a lamp we use) and a basket with tags on them recently. I seem to have the same weird problem.

  2. When we moved in our house 6 years ago I bought a clothes hamper to put in our bathroom. I think I took the tag off a year or two ago....goodnes ;)

  3. I am so glad to see that I'm not the only one! I think it's from fear of finding something wrong with the item and having to take it back. I'm also bad about keeping the tags after I've taken them off (probably stemming from the same fear). Love your blog--I found it through hopping around on Pinterest.


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