Friday, August 26, 2011

Today I am feeling like I am simply just....

For some reason I couldn't muster up any creativity for this post. However, I cannot deny the fact that ever since I discovered this image on Pinterest I have been dying to use it ;.)  My heart goes out to everyone who is battling the storm on the East Coast (I cannot believe our move helped us to escape that). I pray that this weekend brings everyone smiles, sunshine & lots of home decor fun!

As for me and what I will be filling my day with....I am probably currently dreaming up something to bake for the guys at the Hubs work...photographing some DIY's for next weeks posts, as well as working on some decorations for Olly's first birthday (coming up in October). And if I'm putting it all out there -I am also probably making the occasional trip to Pinterest or scouring the Internet for more fall inspired outfits! Oh how I simply love Fridays! See you crazy kids next week! ...Now, I think I might need some late night chocolate milk ;.0

*picture pinned from Pinterest, click here for source


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