Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changing it up a bit....

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! We have been working so hard here lately and one of our current projects has been the entry way. This house is smaller than our old digs in Bmore so I felt the entry way needed to make a statement (since it smacks you in the face as soon as you walk in the door) So here was the entry way on move in day...

& here is the progress we have made so far....

The latest entry add on at Casa de Schutz was the stool. Do you remember when I first showed you a vintage stool I purchased at a flea market in San Fran (when we first moved in)? Well, here he is in his new outfit. I recently purchased this fabric at JoAnn's on sale for $6 a yard. I thought it was the perfect graphic element to balance out the pattern on the shelves and not too busy that it competed with it ;.).
I had all intentions of leaving him in his original duds when I bought him, but after further inspection I came across some time telling flaws...this ol' guy was do an upgrade. So while the staple gun was out the other day I figured I might as well make em' over....
 I think he looks much better (and more sophisticated than before, shhh). I still have some things to add to the entry way for function, but for now it's a much happier place to welcome me home ;.)


  1. I love the little bench. I have one similar that I want to eventually get upholstered professionally to get the piping done. For now, I just covered it in some fabric I had on hand. Your entryway looks great.

  2. What a difference in the entry!I like that fabric- it ties in perfectly with the style of the other accessories. Also loved that purple bench recently. BTW, Olly sure is a handsome child- precious!

  3. Thanks SOOOO much! It's a work in progress but I am lovin' it more and more ;.)

    Sherri the purple bench is so fab it's my new fav! And thanks so much about Olly...we just love him to bits! ;.)

  4. Looks so fantastic! Just love your style so much, great stool makeover.

  5. you're the best girl ;.)


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