Monday, September 19, 2011

From Sad to Sassy

Recently on the ol' blog, I talked about declaring my room back (from life's stuff, moving boxes, and my little tail wagging friends) in this post... So this weekend I took baby steps ;.) I started with this little pearl (I rescued from Goodwill) for less than $10.

She was looking a wee bit tired and unloved, so I made sure and put some purple pep back into her life. Now I am just in love with her....

...& here is a quick version of how I did it. I purchased primer, spray paint in Hyacinth, and clear coat protective enamel. (I had the fabric, staple gun & staples I needed already.)

Step 1. Remove the seat of the bench, sand & clean her up before putting on a coat of primer.

Step 2: Apply the color of your choice in two or three very light coats (**so you don't get drips**). It is also important to let it dry thoroughly before applying any additional coats.

Step 3: Apply the protective clear coat on top.

Step 4: I then re-upholstered the seat with fabric I have been hanging onto for six years. I LOVE it! (It was a wedding gift from a cousin who lived in Thailand at the time.) I simply used the staple gun and pulled it tight all the way around. Like this....

**An extra step: I actually wanted a little bit more glitz so I taped the balls of the legs off at the end & applied a bit of gold spray paint to it (I had it leftover from last week's shoe project) and it added just a pop and extra pizazz. (You can totally eliminate this step)

Final Step: Was to re-attach the top to the wooden base and admire it ;.)

The total project cost was $25. I only had to purchase three cans of spray paint, as well the bench itself. I was super pleased and excited and more than happy to invite her to be my new bedtime pal. She is perfect for holding a throw, a book and my iPhone. I really am loving the colors which motivates me to conquer other parts of this room! What do you think? She sassy enough for ya?! I thought so ;.)

 Have an awesome day! See you tomorrow!  
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  1. It went from sad to happy. That is really fun fabric!

  2. I LOVE the fabric and the gold feet are perfect. Loving it.

  3. this looks awesome! i love that fabric!

  4. Thanks so much ladies! I am so excited about it :.) I've been holding onto that fabric forever & I think this was the perfect use of it, Wooooo whoooo! Happy Monday to you all! :.)

  5. She looks fab..great job, new bloggy friend :) I absolutely love the gold detail on the feet..I think it's little things like that that really make a project feel finished!

  6. Thanks so much girl...the gold might be my favorite part ;.)

  7. I have been totally clueless on how to paint my kitchen chairs. I am no longer! Bingo, bango this is it! Grey with the gold feet. Now I just wish I could get my hands on some fabric like that!!


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