Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Fever

Happy Thursday to ALL of you! I know that Halloween is 6 weeks away, but I have Orange & black fever! It hits me every year around this time and it takes me a while to recover ;.) Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I have 11 storage tubs of decorations and I cannot believe I just admitted that out loud haha. The more glitter the better, if it's Tim Burton inspired, it's in the cart....vintage looking, forget it...I am in love with it all! So a few years ago I decided to make a Halloween figurine each year and last year was the first year I didn't make one due to my 3 week old baby ;.) So this year I am wanting y'all to help me figure out what sort of theme I should go are some from the past.
Introducing this grossly bunch one bone at a time...

Witch Hazel, Bat King Cole, & Candy are all part of our October family around the Schutz casa and I cannot wait to add another one. So I am open to inspiration and ideas from all you fine peeps! Send it my way. We all thank you ;.) Also, at least once a week from now until Halloween, I will be featuring a fun Halloween project, table scape, or party idea on the blog. So put your orange and black glitter pants on and Halloween themed socks and party with me as we get ready for one of the most fun & creative holidays!

Also....I will not be posting tomorrow and I will miss you all! But I will be back can't get rid of me for too long ;.) Have a happy weekend.


  1. Why dont you do something to do with Cali?

  2. Your Halloween folks are precious! How about a "Ghostest with the Mostest" hosting a Halloween party!



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