Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Design Declaration

Recently, I have turned my design focus towards the master bedroom. Since moving in a few months ago it has become a hodge podge of crazy. It has been the center of my craft projects, the storage unit of my unused or not quite placed decor, as well as the home of rolling infant walkers & crazy tail wagging friends. As much as I love all of these elements individually, I love them even more so when they're not scattered amongst my personal space....I WANT MY ROOM BACK!!! (yes I did just virtually stomp my foot).

One thing I missed about leaving Baltimore was leaving my newly finished bedroom behind...

But now I am chosing to see it as an opportunity to change my style up. I actually recently found this skirt as inspiration (from none other than Anthropologie). I am sort of in love with it, but even though I have left it there hanging on its neatly arranged rack, I must say it's color & pattern has stayed with me ;.)

I am hoping to have it translated into the design world through pillows or artwork. However, I do want to bring in more fuscia's, eggplants, and purples, rather than pinks and corals. For those who may have missed an old post....a little while back I purchased this fun Duralee fabric "Olivia" which I am using as a starting off point...It may be a new headboard, stool, or pillows...I am not quite sure yet. First, I need to find the right bit of masculine to help offset the feminine pattern.
But what I AM sure of for now, is my design focus on the master bedroom ;.) I am making it a public declaration to get my bedroom will make for one happy momma ;.) I figure if I say it on the blog then I have to make it happen. The budget for this is tiny and my timeline is not quite determined. I am currently working on a design plan which I hope to share with you all next week ;.) Now I am off to work on a shoe project....can you believe it? Cross your fingers for me and maybe even your toes!

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