Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ohhhh my goodness...

I don't even know how to begin to understand what is going on currently at Target with the Missoni collection. I went today to try & score a few pieces to share with you guys on the blog and they were sold out!!! I even went early...& it's a Tuesday, I kept thinking why aren't all these people at work haha? I completely underestimated the magnitude of this event...lesson learned ;.) So as soon as I got home I went to Target's website & even they were too busy and I couldn't even get on. This is so crazy, I have never seen anything like it! Were any of you lucky enough to score some fun stuff? If so please show & tell;.) Hopefully you didn't get kicked, stomped on, or even punched while scoring some of these designer goods haha! Seriously, I should have camped out because I could have made a bundle on eBay haha. No really! Check out EBAY, there are already tons of auctions! These were some of the pieces I really really wanted to see in person....

ohhh well.....I am excited for all of those who did win the Missoni prize yesterday ;.)

In other news I have a FANTASTIC tip for you today! Last night I was cleaning up the aftermath of making my glitter was sparkly, yet scary! When it dawned on me to use this little household item to help me conquer the gold flecks that seemed to multiply...

I used a sticky lint roller & it was pure genious and worked AMAZING! It was better than a vacumm because it didn't blow it around. I just simply had to share this with you guys. The little things get me excited, I know this also makes me a nerd, & I'm cool with that ;.) I had never thought to use it before! So I hope that little tipped rocked your socks off today like it did mine! I hope you all have an awesome Wednesday! Let me know if you scored some Missoni loot!


  1. I use my lint roller to clean up my dresser and desk drawers. It's great for picking up all of those little particles (including the little paper hole punch remnants that seem to always end up in my desk) that seem to settle.

    Never considered picking up glitter- but I'm TOTALLY going to try it next time!

  2. So smart girl!!! I'll have to try it for my desk :.)


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