Monday, September 26, 2011

Purple tablescape luv...

It's Monday Funday over here at the Schutz casa! I will be working on lots of fun, glittery, whimsical party decor for the little man's party today...and because I had dinner guests over the weekend, I have a clean house to enjoy while crafting my lil heart out! To some of you this may sound crazy but for me it sounds like a complete day of creative delight!
I hope you all had a fantastic and exciting weekend! I enjoyed getting feedback from all of you on Friday via comments and emails and let me just say I agree with you all and I hear ya! I will be working more wedding DIY, cheap find makeovers, and more pictures of the new California country house (to name just a few of the things you would like to see) into the blog. All of these were great suggestions and I am excited to challenge myself some more.
Today I wanted to share pictures of the dining room table from our "catch me up dinner" with some old college friends. It was such a special evening because they were visiting from Texas and we had not seen each other in four years. It was amazing to think about how we met in a Texas college town and now found ourselves (as adults) having dinner together, in California and sharing the moment with our babies. It was amazingly fallish outside, the breeze rushing through the windows with temps in the high 50's. We talked over bowls of beef stew, fresh baked bread, and caramel apple cupcakes (made from the apples on my apple tree). It was sort of a no fuss evening which calmed my nerves after a long week and made for very little/easy preparation. I was able to decorate the table with things from around the house like lace, a wooden tray, craft paper I had laying around, and plum, lavender & green hues of hydrangea's from our front garden. Here is a little peek into how it all turned out...I wish you all could have come too!

The only investment I made was in a $7 picture framed that I converted into a Menu Chalkboard with the help from a little can of Rustoleum chalkboard spray paint that I sprayed onto the glass. It was quick & simple. I also wrapped up a yummy looking cookbook (as a gift) in a recycled brown grocery sac and newspaper I fanned together and attached to the top. I think it turned out pretty top notch and made our guests get to experience the best part of our home...which is to make every occasion, even dinner....feel special. 
sidenote***Doesn't that green thing look cool? I got it from the farmer's market earlier that morning it is actually a member of the cauliflower family...I thought it looked a little scary to eat but pretty fabulous to look at!
I hope these ideas might make it to your next fun dinner or gathering. Remember the purpose of having company over. It is to have have fun with the entire process. Happy Monday to you all! I am anxious to get up to my elbows in funky craft glitter, glue and anything else I can find! I will see you tomorrow.


  1. What a fabulous table! Those caramel apple cupcakes sound divine; I'd love to know the recipe!

  2. Can't wait to see the birthday palooza! Have fun! Oh, and I just love your little chalk board; its cute as a button. Did you make it?

  3. This room looks AMAZING! I can't believe you've got it together so soon after moving! I am jealous :) Love your pendant light and your table looks great in there.

  4. Thanks y'all!
    Bethany I did make it. It is a picture frame that I took the glass out of and painted with chalkboard paint. ;.) Victoria thank you so much! We have been working on it when we get the chance...but it's been hard with other commitments & the beautiful weather we have ;.)

  5. that green thing is romesco, and it's fantastic... if you like broccoli and/or at all, you will love it. steam it and then saute with a little butter and garlic... awesome.


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