Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank you's....noteworthy style

I've been wondering lately where the good ole' thank you note tradition has gone. I am sure we all remember as kids being made to sit down and write thank you notes but why are there a lot of  people who don't  participate in thank you notes anymore? I must admit I have been guilty as well, but a few years ago I decided to get better at it and to find the joy in giving them. So recently I was sent a package by my great Aunt who was so sweet to think of us. I was so touched by her package that I really wanted to do something a little different and homemade for her... even though I do absolutely LOVE Rifle Paper Co.'s line of thank you cards (humor me while I admire them for a sec) ;.)

Aren't they so fun? Those are some of my favorites. However, there is just something special about a homemade card. So I came up with this card using some leftover insects from my butterfly project....I know that sounds totally strange but I was surprised about how cute it came out so I wanted to share it with you guys.

...Get it? Precious AUNT? hahah. (I know it's cheesy, don't judge me haha) I thought it was sort of funny & unexpected which screams Courtney. I also made a special ribbon rose and grasshopper combo to stick on the envelope......

I really hope she's not afraid of bugs haha....if anything she will know it was made with love....
(and a lot of ribbon & spray paint) ;.) Now that I think about it this could also be cute to wrap a gift with. I just thought it was different and the effort would let her know that I appreciated her taking the time to brighten our day with her package. DO you have any good thank you note ideas? Do you send them to your friends and family or do you think it's a dead tradition? I'm sort of bummed to see it go.

Here are some extra pictures without the antique editing layer.....Thanks for telling me Kristen ;.) I am happy to show you the real colors from now on...xoxo


  1. I still continue to send thank you notes for presents receieved and if anyone has gone out of their way to help me or the family. I am now teaching this thoughtfulness to my children who always handwrite notes to people they have received gifts from. I think it makes people smile and makes them know that you truly appreciate what you have received or benefited from their kindness.

  2. So cute! And much nicer than anything you would buy in a store! I do wish you would post more pictures without the antique-ish tint so we could see what it looks like in true color- but hey it's your blog!:) and I am a fan!!!!

  3. I think that is so awesome of you to be teaching it to your're a good mama setting them up for success ;.)

    Kristen I reposted some pictures. It's funny because I hesitated editing to begin with yesterday but the lighting in the photos were so bad (I much prefer natural light) that i thought it needed the edit...But I am happy to let you see the colors and will from now on...I mean come on anything for my guys rock!

    BTW thanks for being a fan, I am a fan of yours ;.)

  4. That's really cute, and knowing Aunt Kay, she will get a "buzz" out of it without thinking you have gone "buggy"! Ha-ha (A little punning of my own!) Love you and am proud of you for sending thank-you notes! MoM


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