Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Soup Party with my peeps!

I feel like I am getting a head start on fall this year. Last year I was sort of out of it and walking around in a new mommy haze glow...;.) But this year I intend on enjoying every second of it! There is nothing more fallish or "homey" for me than a home that is infused with smells of savory & delicious food, lots of laughter, and a soft breeze tip toeing back and fourth throughout the house . So as the temps began to drop last night, I had the desire for warm soup. Luckily I had a new recipe tucked in my back pocket just for this scenario. I found it online last week and could not wait to try it. Let me introduce you to your next fall family night go to meal (definitely put this in a weekend recipe category) me, it's gooey cheese hits the spot...and it takes EXACTLY like it's name.....Meet the Lasagna Soup of my taste bud dreams....

I'm telling you it's amazing, truly a party in yo' mouth! I cannot take credit for this recipe. I wish I could, because then I would consider myself a culinary Goddess....I got it from A farm girl here for this life changing recipe... haha! I must say I did adapt it a little. I used half Italian sausage and half lean beef (ground turkey could be yummy too). I chose to omit the red pepper flakes and also add a little more salt to mine ;.) I also used just a little bit of Worcestershire when browning my meat which the recipe did not call for. Overall, it's worth a try if you have the time & you enjoy lasagna, fo sho! It is now one of my fam's favorites ;.) Now I better go...leftovers are calling my name and writing this post made me super hungry! See ya tomorrow!


  1. Looks delicious! My husband makes an amazing tomato soup that rivals Ted's Montana Grill! :)

  2. Ohhhh...thank you so much for linking to my post for this fabulous soup! And for making me aware of your blog - I am enjoying it tremendously! I am looking for some thrifty inspiration to redo my still-in-1967 bathroom, and was thinking of "going gray". I love your gray bathroom redo!

  3. This looks sooo good! I am definetly making this for my friday dinner and a movie night, Thanks for sharing!

  4. Melissa I would LOVE the recipe!

    Brenda you are SO VERY welcome! I am happy to share the credit the soup was delicious and you deserve it!

    Jeanette I hope you made it and loved it as much as my family did ;.) Movie fun!


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