Friday, September 30, 2011

Spooktacular Display Boxes

So this is what I worked on yesterday as my weekly Halloween project....

I took two of my sons shoe boxes that I had stashed away ...

& I made these....

I used only things I had around the house (including the spray paint for the actual boxes) & in my Halloween decor boxes, so the cost was free. I really love the idea of Halloween display boxes. So I made one sort of cutesy & one more dark and spooky for my favorite orange & black holiday!

The skull box is actually painted in chalkboard paint.....which is fun for a lil' unexpected message or hand drawn art (like bats) in the background of the display box.

I must say, He is quite a dapper Spider King with his gold brooch and fancy schmancy crepe paper collar haha.
Seriously, your creative side can go wild with what type of display boxes you want to make. A pumpkin patch, an eerie graveyard, a haunted scarecrow and the list could go on and can turn any old shoe box into a fun holiday display.

I hope you all have a spooktacular weekend full of Halloween creativity & scary project ideas. I will see you good lookin' peeps on Monday!


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