Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dollar store gone Uptown...

What I love to do is challenge myself when it comes to entertaining or throwing a party and not spend to much mullah. So when the little man's party started coming around I knew I needed to start getting ideas together to throw a fantastic event but not break the bank. So one of my favorite things to do is to hunt down a dollar store bargain and to tweak it to look fancy & fabulous! Here were some of my favorite dollar store transformations.
These party hats were originally sports themed but only $1 for a package of 8....Can I get a woo whoo?

(I made sure to cover them with spray paint I already had in order to block the sports theme from ruining the look of the metallic glitter)...
but the sports theme wouldn't do since we were going for a more jazzed up, circus feel. I pulled out some glitter from my crafting supplies & printed our scrolls that were created in Illustrator, to create these beaming beauties! *remember everything is better with glitter*

                              The kiddos loved them!

They were a huge hit & totally easy.  COST about .13cents per hat.

I also wanted to make sure we had some fine looking animals at our circus. So these dollar store divas that looked like this before:

now rock gold spray paint (left over from the butterfly project) & top hats made of scrap fabric and cardboard. I did that same method with all of the animals for the party...
Then each kiddo got to pick an animal to take it home with their loot bags ;.)

I also wanted a "photo booth" for the party so the dollar store helped with our props & our popcorn holder (pop corn holder only .50 cents)...

The glasses and clown nose were all dollar store finds in the kids toys section. The even had a large bow tie & other Halloween costumes which make for great photo extras. I added a stick as well as some extra mustaches and some chalkboard word bubbles & bam! Instant fun on a stick for our photo booth...the experience and the pictures are worth a million bucks!

I also must confess, I really hate spending money on paper plates or plastic cups which can be super pricey at the party store especially if you are feeding more than 8 people. So after a  recent trip to the dollar store I came across a package of 8 cups for $1. To make them extra special I purchased .25 cent mustaches from party city and stuck them on the cup. COST came out to .37 cents a cup. Totally fun for some Ring Master inspired punch holders ;.)

Here are two projects that were not from the dollar store but still super cheap.....

This was a free sign I made out of glitter I had and scrap cardboard & ribbon. I simply printed out a pattern in a font I liked (off the computer) is an amazing source for free fonts. I then traced the letters onto the cardboard, glittered each letter and strung them together...COST FREE!

I also made some Lion Tamer Whips using a computer label I created on cardstock, some dollar ribbon from Michaels, some little baggies purchased for a $1 with a coupon (from Michaels) and Twizzlers purchased at the dollar store...
not too expensive and a great little treat for your guests....

Overall Oliver's party cost Less than $200 including all of the food for 20+ people. And I served ham & cheese sliders, honey Dijon chips, pumpkin pie dip with Cinnamon sticks and ginger snaps, as well as caramel apple cupcakes and sherbet punch. Fab food & fab people!
Okay folks its official, I have no more to share about Oliver's birthday hahah. Thanks so much for taking this journey with me the last few weeks/months. I hope some of these party or entertaining ideas translate to something fun for whats going on currently in your life. I am taking off tomorrow and won't be back until mid week next week. I want to spend my last few days with family in Texas and leave some time to rest after traveling with a hubby & one year old ;.) I look forward to seeing you guys next week!!!! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love these inexpensive and clever ideas! I especially love the festive party hats and the photo booth! I'm so bummed we couldn't be there. Expect something in the mail soon, though! Miss y'all! XO

  2. Wow! what an amazing party!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What kind of store did you find the animal toys?

  4. Did you find the larger elephants at the dollar store too? I could only find small ones at Dollar Tree.

  5. Thanks!! I found so much useful information from your post! Im planning my first birthday party and it can definitely get pricey quick. Loved your birthday hat idea and the website is great, thank you!!!


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