Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ella P. Phant

Meet our favorite elephant these days....her name is Ella & she was a huge hit at our Circus Extravaganza!
The hubs really knocked this project out of the park and the amazing thing was that she only cost us $6 to make. However, she did go under some extreme plastic surgery in order to look this good....here is her transformation.

Can you believe that she went from this......
to this?
How we did it (the Cliff Notes version):
We purchased the horse at a garage sale for $1, which left plenty of money for a pumpkin spice latte on the way home... DOUBLE SCORE! We built her up one leg & tail at a time, using cardboard boxes, as well as tissue paper & duct tape to make the shape. This is something my husband was AWESOME at! I doubted his skill when Ella (the soon to be elephant) looked like Casey the cow...however, he erased my doubt as she quickly started to look amazing (in a very big elephant kind of way). We asked our local Starbucks to save us the old newspapers from the day before to use for the last step of the process which was basic paper mache. After a few coats of some spray paint & some scrap-fabric magic, she looked Fantastic for her circus debut! One of the best centerpieces the Hubs and I have ever created! I hope this inspires you all to have fun with every day materials and to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. I never thought that a pink plastic horse would become the star of my little boy's first birthday party but she was so fun! We have to leave her in Texas, which makes us all a little sad. But we will continue to enjoy her in his birthday pictures! Now I am off to spend the day with the family...see you tomorrow!


  1. That's AMAZING! Ella is one lovely lady! Was she born in Texas, or did y'all build her in Cali? How does one get through TSA with a giant elephant?

  2. Seriously. That is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! It would have NEVER crossed my mind to do that! My only bright idea would have been to stick a pole through it and call it a carousel horse...which isn't so much circus...your idea is WAAAAAAAAY more impressive! Ollie is one lucky boy!

  3. Thanks Y'all! ;.) We luv her! And we luckily were able to ship here inexpensivly in a box & she met us to Texas unharmed ;.)


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