Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting back to life....

Happy Thursday everyone!!! I am back and so happy to see you all! We just got back from Texas as you know so yesterday and the rest of the week is catch up over here at Casa de Schutz. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning out the fridge and making grocery lists...isn't that just, hold on to your hats kind of wild and crazy fun? haha. In between episodes of New Jersey Housewives reunion & House on in the background I have been brainstorming some upcoming projects now that I have circus party out of the way...holla!
*recovering my headboard
*making a bedside lamp
*Staining our dining room table
*some Halloween party ideas in case the Hubs & I decide to have a ghoulishly festive party. So I am looking forward to what my brain will do with this extra creativity time I finally have.

Ohhh & while I was in Texas someone suggested to me that I start interval training instead of my regular now I am trying to figure out what this means for me & my comfort zone...However, I need to do something to jazz things up a bit. I can tell my body is bored & I'm tired of feeling so blah about myself....and right before Christmas picture time...yuck! No bueno. For those who haven't known my battle with food/exercise & my weight,  just know I will fill you in on that struggle soon...after all we are all friends ;.) However, today I celebrate YOU!! & the creativity inspiration I get from you. In fact, while the little man is still sleeping I am off to start on tomorrow's Halloween project & it's super cheap-o and totally cute! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

**OH & I wanted to share two fun pictures with you from our trip..... was amazing!!!

Have a great day....*a virtual cheers to you as I let the creativity flow!


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