Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Mantel Magic

I have gotten a lot of requests from you fabulous peeps for fireplace mantel decorating ideas. Since I don't have a mantel in this Cali house I started thinking about how I could decorate a mantel for you guys without having a fireplace...then I remembered that the little man has a mantel (acting as a shelf) in his bedroom. So I got to work with my faux fireplace mantel and I hope you guys find something you like and can use for inspiration.

Here a few tips I use when decorating any shelf, book shelf (or in this case) mantel:
*I always make sure to have something natural....wood, sticks, rocks etc...
*I like to incorporate an interesting mix of textures
*I try to balance out colors on both ends of the shelf
*I like to put things at varying heights to make it more visually interesting.
(I hope these tips come in handy)

Here was the finished mantel in all it's Halloween glory!

This mantel was created with things I gathered from around the house. When decorating a table for a holiday or special occasion I go around "shopping" in the I did it for this too. The sticks were donated by Mother Nature...(you go girl) & some of the other projects were super simple. Here are a few quick DIY's!

The flags
I made them with wire ribbon from Michaels I had leftover from Olly's birthday party & some string I had in my Halloween box. A pair or scissors & a hot glue gun is all it took to create this fun festive flag garland.

The man in the wall
He was super simple. A dollar store mask sprayed with leftover gold paint & draped with dyed gauze  over his head to give him a Reaper look. Super creepy for super cheepy! I heart it!

The bird cage
Was created out of two wooden sewing hoops & some 12 gauge wire. For the amazing how-to visit this fantastically creative gal's website Polishthestars she deserves all the credit!
 Oh & can I get a woooo whoooo for the little glass jar (above)? It was a total Goodwill store score for only 99 cents! If you could see me right now you would see me busting out into my money saving it!!!!

Overall this was so fun for me because it was something different for me to decorate! Thank you guys SO MUCH for pushing me outside my box. You guys rock!  I hope you can get some fun ideas..I am off to brainstorm what I am going to do for a fall Mantel next ;.) Have an awesome Monday!


  1. AHHHHHHHH! I'm freaking out over the gold mask! I thought as I read this post "she has the cooooolest stuff around her house to shop from" and then I read it was a dollar store mask! LOVE IT! And I have one in my halloween trunk that has just been sitting there! I am picturing a bunch of them on a wall, pretty creepy that I like the idea for beyond halloween! lol!
    It's all great, loving that ribbon-those flags are great!
    So impressed!
    Jayne B:)

  2. Thanks so much! You're too sweet! You should totally use the mask from your trunk...its so fun to make it look like he is coming at the wall. Good luck & happy masking ;.)

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