Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch & DIY

Happy Tuesday you wonderful peeps! Today is the hubs day off so we are working on a fun reclaimed wood project ,which of course has me dancing around the house with excitement! However, I wanted to let you guys know that a few changes have been made to the ol' blog! I have deleted some of my tabs up top but I added a new one which I hope makes you as happy as it makes me.
*I added a DIY section up top which contains a lot of my past & most popular projects. If you click on the caption below the photo of the project, it will take you to the original post/how-to! This makes the organization crazed person inside of me yell HOLLA at he top of my lungs! I just love that it is all in one place now. So I will keep adding to it in the future and that way you have access to new & old Little Glass Box project info!

*I also added a new contact page with my email info. I hope this helps. If there are any other things you think I should change just let me know!

In other news our family headed out to the pumpkin patch last week & I wanted to share some of the photos with you because I found the most amazing color pallet inspired by everything around us. Check it out!

Seriously I am now dying to use an orange & olive green together somewhere in the house. I thought the colors were awesome! I am always finding design inspiration in the strangest, most unexpected places! Well now that I have rambled on & on today, I am off to help the hubs with our reclaimed wood project. Have a fantastic Tuesday and don't forget to check out the new DIY section. See ya tomorrow!


  1. I love love love these photos, Court!


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