Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Silhouette sign love

We've been busy over here in Point Reyes! Yesterday we spent the day sippin' a pumpkin spice latte in the a.m. & working on a special lil' project (in the beautiful fall weather)for much of the afternoon. We were able to get most of the project done until it was dinner time & then we hit a stopping point...what can I say we were eating homemade chicken & dumplin's ...Yumieeeeee!? So it is still a little work in progress because I want to touch up some of the paint as well as add some text...but here it is for now....

Meet the Schutz's...

Daddy, Mommy, Olly & doggie sign made from things we had around the house = a super fun way to jazz up the typical display of our family silhouettes. Wooo whooo! Like I said, I still want to add the text established 2004 underneath our silhouettes but the dumplins' were calling....

Here is what you need to create this sign.
*reclaimed wood (free if possible) just don't cut down your neighbors old fence haha
*a hand saw or a circular saw
*a brad nailer (we purchased a while back from Michaels, you can also use a drill & some screws)
*a pencil
*a razor blade
*a poster board
*spray paint
*masking tape
*a picture of your silhouette printed out 

This is how we did it...
We first made the wooden sign. We chose two pieces of wood & cut them them both to 36 inches long with the saw. Then we took some of the scrap pieces we had after we made our cuts & used those to attach the boards together (on the back) with the brad nailer.
I then cut out our silhouettes that I printed on computer paper & then traced the cut out image onto poster board. The Hubs then used a razor blade (be SUPER careful) to cut out the shape which left us with a stencil. We made one for each one of us.

The next step was to use masking tape to attach it to the wood & then spray it lightly with the spray paint. However, be aware that it will bleed a little & be a little rough since the wood is not a smooth surface. I am actually going to go back by hand later with a paint brush & some acrylic paint to sharpen up the edges.

Let dry & then peel off the tape...repeat with each member of your family. Then BAM! Instant personalized family sign.

I think it is going to be cute with some of the finishing touhes I have in mind. It's just one of those projects that is perfect for being done this time of year especially with all of the holidays & family gatherings. I am super excited to welcome it into our casa. I would love to hear about any personalized family projects you have done as well! I am off for now & I am excited to see you tomorrow! I cannot believe it is Wednesday already!


  1. Adorable take on the traditional silhouettes! Can't wait to see it when it's all finished!!

  2. this is wonderful! such a great year round decoration. i love it! thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much ladies! I just love it! ;.) You guys are the best! Now I better go finish it ;.)

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