Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spending Friday on the Web....

Happy Halloween Friday everyone! We have party fever over here & we are anxiously awaiting Olly’s big day! I cannot wait to share all of our circus ideas with you on Monday!
Last weekend, before we left California, we worked on a fun Halloween t-shirt for the little man. I remember as a little girl having my mom make me puff pant t-shirts and I wanted to carry the tradition on. So we spider webbed it up and because it was for a little boy, I kept the glitter to a minimum (which was quite an accomplishment on my part).
It was super simple and the total investment was $10 which made me do the happy wallet dance!

& yes he is wearing a bat headband even though he's not a little girl, He found it at Target & had to have it. I'm weak when it comes to Halloween. It turned out pretty cute & the web was made out of glow in the dark paint. If the t-shirt is for a little girl you could ALWAYS add glitter to it ;.)  My theory is glitter makes everything better much like cheese!

Now I must go & finish up a few birthday projects. I am sure you guys are ready for his party to be over so you don't have to read about it anymore but just humor this crazy mama for a few more days. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend & I cannot wait to see you on Monday!

wish us party luck


  1. FANTASTIC! And so adorable. Your son is so lucky to have a puff-paint-DIYer for a Mom!! I'm pinning the 'finished' photo to my Pinterest page -- will be sure to include a link to the post.
    Whitney from Consider Yourself At Home


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