Friday, November 18, 2011

Closet phase 1 complete & a huge surprise!

It's Friday today! And what a special Friday it is! I am currently in shock and in amazement as I sit here next to my Mother who flew in today from Texas as a huge surprise! She came all this way as an early birthday gift so the Hubs could take me to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn! So I will be the exhausted mom with a latte clutched tightly between my fingers with my Twilight series daze going on! Never been so excited to be that gal! Please don't judge me haha.
Luckily yesterday I got phase 1 of the closet finished (so that my Mom couldn't point her finger at me and potentially ground me from going to see the movie haha). No but seriously, definitely glad I got that finished not only because my mom came unexpectedly, but because our water line from our clothes washer burst and flooded parts of the house. Clean up crew on aisle 4 please! Oh wait, the clean up crew is me and the hubs haha. At least I can laugh about it now. I just keep thinking if I hadn't cleaned the closet all of my things would have been ruined. So God totally had my back yesterday...yay for Divine intervention.
Phase 1 which is cleaning out the clutter and putting things away is finished. This makes it easier for the next phases which are color coordinating and decorating it. I know I am a strange gal who wants to decorate my closet. But if you have the space, why not? Especially because my "closet" is a pass through to the master bath. So I lay in bed looking at it. So not only do I want to contain my items but I want to enhance the look of the space as well.
Here is how the closet is currently looking....minus my leopard shoes because I totally had to rock those for the midnight showing when I went to see my boyfriend Edward  hung out on a date with my hubby.

 Doesn't that feel better? The day before it looked like this, just to catch up the peeps who didn't  make it to the blog on Thursday.
Yikes! So now that it is Friday and I have a happily obtained vampire hangover, I am going to take the day off and show my mama around our little town. Olly sure is glad to see his Nini! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend full of Breaking Dawn memories, Caramel Brulee Lattes, and stew on the crock pot! See you crazy kids Monday! I cannot wait to share what I have been working on!


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