Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cozy christmas garland lovin'

 I am getting so excited that tomorrow is Turkey day and part of my tradition is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My favorite part is watching Santa roll into town at the end of the parade. That is my cue to haul in the lights, put up the tree and embrace all things Christmas....including peppermint lattes. Yum Yum! I finished my first Christmas project one day early and I was excited to show it to you. This year I am going for a Country Living/ Ralph Lauren inspired Christmas because it is so different than how I decorate the rest of the year. I thought it would be fun to deck the halls in cozy flannel textures and darker colors. My first task off the list was a fun pennant flag garland. I made this one super cheap. I actually used an old scarf I found at Goodwill for $1. This is the perfect project to use any old or thrifted scarves, flannel shirts, or plaid shirts to make the flags.

To make this garland I needed
*fabric (scarf & flannel)
*a hot glue gun
* and string.

It was super simple to make and I did it in just a few easy steps. The total project only took me 30 minutes. 
First cut out the flags in the shape of pizza slices the size you want them. Then lay them out to make sure you like the pattern as well as have enough flags to go the length you want. This is a great time to play around with spacing a long the string.
Then hot glue the string on the back side of the flag and fold the top over to secure it around the string. You just keep spacing them apart and hot gluing the flags until you get your garland as long as you want it. (Here is a little tip: If you know where you want to put the garland when it is finished go a head and pre-measure the length you will need. I like to add a little extra then what is needed so that I can droop the flags a little bit and swag them in the middle).

It makes the house extra cheerful and gives the feeling of a homemade Christmas, which I adore. It reminds me of watching Dolly Parton in A Rocky Mountain Christmas where she hangs up patch quilts and sings songs. I Love it! Overall it was not a bad project for under $4 ( I already had the twine).
Ohh and yes the dining room has a new TEMPORARY home. I know I am crazy but in a smaller house you have to be flexible and with a CHRISTMAS TREE coming to town it had to be moved. Ahhhhh, the things we do for sparkly and jingly things.

Well I guess that's it for today. But I want to wish you an amazing holiday tomorrow with your families. Travel safe, I will be back here on Monday. I am taking a few days to craft for Christmas and be with the family. This is the first Thanksgiving my little Oliver Tate gets to eat real food. It might quickly become his favorite holiday. What can I boy likes to eat!

 I will see you crazy turkeys on Monday.
*pre turkey and stuffing induced coma* Court


  1. I cannot sew to save my life & have only made pendants out of pretty scrapbook paper. Seeing this post just made my day knowing that I can now make pretty pendants for the holidays. Thank you so much for sharing!!


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