Thursday, November 3, 2011

A crazy woman's idea of fun design

Okay's post just might make you think I am officially bonkers, crazy, out of my mind. However, I think this project was so easy, cost nothing, and is exactly what my house needed to feel a little bit cozier. Today I am working with sticks...yep, I said it. Free, pick em' out of your yard kind of sticks! I also used yarn I already had and some leftover gold spray paint. All together it created these...

I just flecked small sections with the gold and left part of them natural as well.

      & here are some ways I played around with decorating with them.

And can we also take a minute to admire the new sweater that is hanging in these pictures? The hubs got it for me yesterday. I am IN LOVE with it! Paired with my fur slippers & winter-y looking makes me in the mood for some hot chocolate & some movie watching.

I also thought it would be fun to use these sticks in an unpredictable way in my bedroom. I used them as artwork on a very naked wall. I simply hot glued them...Yep another "she's crazy" moment, but that's why ya like me? Right? haha. So far they have stayed up and when I peeled one off the wall I was shocked when it did nothing to the wall or the paint. I am not encouraging others to be as silly  brave as my hot glue on the wall trick, but I just wanted you to know how I got them to stay up there.

I thought it was so fun & FREE! I heart free! Am I officially considered design crazy yet? Probably. And just because I couldn't end today's post without a whacky pun..... I think this project was so simple and perfect because I didn't "stick" to typical design here. For me that's HUGE! haha. Well I hope you all have a fantastic day. Thanks for popping in & I will see you crazy kids tomorrow!


  1. I love this!! So bohemian and cute:) P.s. Where did your husband buy that sweater?? It's so pretttyy!!

  2. OMG! I have to run to the dollar tree and grab me some yarn now! I HAVE TO do this! Thank you SO much for posting it!

  3. Just found you on CSI. I LOVE your blog and your house is amazing. These are so cute. Newest follower!

  4. Thanks so much guys and welcome to the blog Jenn!

    The sweater is so great! It is from Anthropologie. A total splurge but worth it. ;.) So glad you liked it!


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