Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeding the Giant turkey & a momma's shopping stuggle

I cannot believe this week is just flying by! Yesterday we took our favorite little half pint to go see a huge food donation turkey outside San Francisco. It is such an amazing tradition here that I was glad that we could be a part of it.

Check out this actually lift up the wing and put your non-perishable canned goods inside the little shoot. AWESOME....right? What a great way to get your kids involved in donating. The turkey's head also bobs up and down which sort of inspires the song "chicken head" to play over and over again in my noggin, but it's all in the name of donating food, right? 

He thought it was pretty amazing. But what one year old wouldn't want to be all up on a giant bird? We even let him work on his walking skilzzzzz...we take all the practice we can get these days!

Does he not look like a mini Jack Nicholson here?

He was exhausted and all was quiet for mom & dad as we made the trip back to our casa. However, while we were walking around the shopping center (where the turkey calls home) I stumbled across these Kate Spade & Anthropologie beauties, they were singing to me like sirens in the night.

It was love at first sight. Truly. My brain went straight to future birthday present mode...yay for turning the big 29 in a couple of weeks! But in my moment of beautiful sparkle admiration I started to ask myself  "where would you wear these little numbers Courtney?" and that thought quickly halted my excitement. I have been thinking about that ever since as to why I struggle with buying impractical items. The kind of things that only call for a night out and not so much a grocery store run. It's like the stay-at-home mom living inside of my brain cannot justify these items since the hubs and I never get to go out alone because we live 1600 miles from all of our friends and family. I can't help but feel like they are trendy items and since I have nowhere to wear them I have no business owning them. Do any of you struggle with this? Please tell me I'm not alone. Sometimes I don't feel as girly and dainty as I would like and these items bring that sparkle back in my eye (let's face it most of the time I am crafting or cleaning). I just don't know how to be okay with buying them or receiving them. Call me crazy. I would love to hear how some of you balance staying at home and feeling like you can purchase impractical things for yourself. I would love some tips! Thanks so much for letting me share my day with you guys including my trendy items freak out moment.

Thanks again for all the sweet comments yesterday and welcome again to all of you Little Green Notebook readers! I hope today is day two of you stopping by the little ole' blog.

I am now off to go work on an art project for the dining room that I cannot wait to share with you guys as soon as it's finished. I wish you a great day and I will see you here tomorrow!


  1. Hi Courtney!

    Since being in grad school, I don't have to dress up during the week anymore. This means I can buy most of my wardrobe at Target and Old Navy for fairly cheap. That is how I justify a fun, trendy item. Since most of my stuff is practical, inexpensive, and works on a day-to-day basis, I don't feel so guilty about splurging on one or two more expensive items to wear when I do go out for a special occasion.


  2. Putting donated food into a turkey is much more fun than just in a box!

    You could wear that cardigan with jeans to dress it down a bit. I'm not sure it would justify the anthro price but it would give you more places to wear it.

    Also, I wait to get Kate Spade items (they are cute but sometimes they seem too trendy for their original price) and get them on sale, sometimes they put their sale items on sale too. This not only gives me time to figure out if I actually want it or not but on sale they can be 60% or more off so they are much more affordable.

    Good luck with your decision!

  3. I have that same issue all the time. I work at home, so in reality there's no need to buy pretty pencil skirts or silk blouses...let alone put on "real" pants. But some days it's fun to put on something sparkly even if it's only my husband and the cats that see me.

  4. Here in the UK is no different! I actually had to go and buy a suitable dress for a friends funeral 2 weeks ago as my entire wardrobe nowadays consists of jeans, leggings or very casual trousers! I am a nurse so wear a uniform to work so I do not need to bother with that either!

  5. Your family looks so adorable in the turkey photo's. You match so well! When my boys were little I stayed away from dry clean only clothes. I just waited a few years to break out the cuter items - you can always buy fun accessories though - scarves, cute hats, and a cute coat can cover up any plain outfit. Oh - and great shoes and an awesome purse- they can always be fun and can dress up any denim and solid top!

  6. You gals are the best and I love all of your feedback and suggestions. I think you all are right in suggesting a little balance with my splurges. Thanks to u bff's!
    Lynda thanks for noticing our matching "fall-like" colors in our photos. I did it on purpose hahah!


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