Monday, November 14, 2011

Feelin' cool with an uber large "spool"

Welcome, welcome, welcome to all of you visiting readers from Little Green Notebook! Feel free to look around and stay a while! Hello to all my favorite readers out there. Today is a fun day because I am sharing another project with you all. So let's get right to it, shall we?

After a recent trip to Home Depot my husband won the title of "genius husband of the day". While I am pretty sure he was staying clear of me to dodge never ending to-do lists that I dream up while walking down each isle, he stumbled across an empty wire spool....

Doesn't it just scream potential? After begging the manager for it and saving it from a future life of living in the dumpster, he successfully brought it to me and simply said "side table". My brain started to burst with ideas! We quickly scooped up some Behr's semi-transparent stain in sable and made a quick detour to West Elm to pick up a small bathroom rug. After a little bit of sanding and staining and upholstering this is what we came up with...our very own HUGE giant spool!

and it's now my favorite new spool table if I only had a needle lamp base....KIDDING haha. I love that it can be a side table/extra seating. So major props go out to the handy hubs who channeled into my craziness for a moment and came up with an out of the box & fantastic design idea. Keep this behavior up and you just might find some new tools in your stocking!

I also wanted to show you a quick living room update because let me just go a head and own it, I am always re-arranging, playing around, and "shopping my own house" as a way to jazz things up. This was my latest room renovation...more house tour pics to come in the near future.
To see more pictures of this room head over to Little Green Notebook today and check them out. I will see you crazy kids tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Yey! love it and love all the details! Those rhino head pulls!!!
    So inspiring!
    And I try to drop by LGN as often as possible-how awesome that you are featured on there! And what an honor!!! Congratulations to you!!!!:)

  2. Stopping over from LGN. Your home/blog is BEAUTIFUL! I really wish I could just spend all day in bed reading all your posts haha. :)

    Following and keeping an eye out for more awesome DIYs!

  3. I came via LGN - love your space! Glad I found your blog - so refreshing. And I love that this is rental home, I live in one as well, so it is inspiring!

  4. I'm loving this look! Its airy but yet western in this great fashionable way!!!! Great job

  5. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!

    Jayne you are always so sweet and are so amazingly nice with your comments. I love having you as part of my blog family ;.)

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to all of you new gal pals! I hope I can continue to inspire! Thanks again!

  6. Another new follower from LGN, I spent the evening reading all your post, you're truly talented and I look forward to following you!!!

  7. Adorable! Your creative juices are really flowing lately, and I'm LOVING the outcome!! Keep it up, lovely lady :)

  8. Laurie WELCOME to the blog!!!! Thanks so much.

    and Dacia you're always just so sweet. Thanks for all the love. I will keep a craftin' and coming up with crazy ideas ;.)

  9. I am enjoying your new living room layout. I am glad to see it back by the windows.

    I also wanted to suggest that next time you change it to add links from past living picture posts so that we can easily click on them to see the changes you have made and progression of the space.

    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Cheers ~ RB

  10. As soon as I saw the pic of this in your home tour I thought, "I could figure out how to make that." Turns out I don't have to! Thanks for telling how YOU made it! I love it!

  11. You are so welcome happy creating.

  12. JUST found your sight and LOVE it!!!!!!!!

    We have a new grand due in Sept and nursery theme is elephants and I sit here with BP rising because there are NO garage sales on Sunday :( and I want to find a horse ASAP and try to make an Ell a phant!

    I saw you comment on your spool table & I think Pottery Barn had large scissors, etc at one time...maybe an idea that will jog your creative juices, which I can tell are plentiful!!!

    Can't wait to soak the rest of your diy's



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