Monday, November 28, 2011

From EEK to pinecone chic, making all other woodland animals jealous!

A big ole' welcome to Mr. Monday Morning after a long (and much needed) holiday weekend! I hope y'all had an amazing holiday and some time to relax. I had a little down time but mostly jumped right into crafting things off of my Christmas decor to-do list.
I just love this time of year. It has become completely normal in our house to be covered in glitter days after a project is over and find it in crazy oddball places. I can be safe in saying that EVERY TIME we are in the car a warm drink and Christmas carols are a must, and I even make us sing along. Yep, I'm that girl and I have no shame in it! Did I say that I love this time of year?!

Do you remember this guy? I started this project a few weeks ago finally got him finished over the weekend.
He was my $4 Goodwill find and let's face it, he was looking more blah rather than falalalalahhhh! Well now he is looking so fantastic that even Santa would be proud!
Thanks to the hubs & I, he got a more nature inspired makeover with the help of some free pines cones. Lots and lots of free pine cones. I challeneged myself with transforming the look of the typical light up deer into something more unexpected. It was a fun task because I get a lot of requests from you guys asking for ideas on how to re-purpose things that I find from Goodwill or garage sales. I thought this might inspire a recycling extravaganza because my simple $4 investment combined with a little imagination made an item someone else disregarded into one of my new favorite holiday pieces. I think he likes his new duds.

Here is a quick run down of how I made him.
To make him I removed the lights and covered the wire frame with paper mache (this is a good how-to paper mache source).  He then got one thin coat of gold spray paint (after he was dry) so that the newspaper we used to paper mache would not show through. I had gold left over from another project but you can use any natural based color that you would like... brown, gray. etc etc. Then you entrust your handy Hubby (in my case) to disassemble pine cones. With a glue gun we made our way up to the top of his head staring with his feet. Layer upon layer of pine cone. I used sticks to make the antlers which were also hot glued on. It was a little time consuming but we are happy to have him join us this holiday season.

& for those who were curious as to what the little man was up to while I was going Christmas crafty crazy over the weekend, this is what he was doing...
At least he can entertain himself, haha. I hope you all scored some awesome Black Friday deals and got smashed on pumpkin pie and are now back in your own homes getting ready to get your Christmas decorating on! It's time for all of us to bust out our tree decorating skilz and our decking the halls spirit and get this season started! I am off to work on yet another holiday project, wish me luck. I look forward to seeing y'all tomorrow! I missed ya!


  1. The reindeer project is adorable. I love the idea and you did a fantastic job. Thanks for the holiday inspiration!



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