Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mom closet confession and some Thursday tidbits.

Oh Thursday how I love you because you lead to Friday, which means the Hubs is off to watch Olly and there are strong lattes in my hand. I feel like I have just been so busy this week preparing rooms for an upcoming photo shoot for a future house tour, as well as some Christmas projects that I cannot wait to share with you, and an art project for the dining room. I have felt so tired, but in a fantastic way. I love being busy doing the things I love. And knowing it's holiday time...I mean come on! Love it! However, when things get this busy, especially because of the time of year, it's the other things that quickly get ignored and put on the back burner. And since I cannot forget to feed my family or to pay the bills, something else has got to give. So this has happened at our casa, a total embarrassing real mom confession.

...yep, up close it gets worse...
Are you judging me yet? Nah...y'all are too nice for that! It seriously pains me to look at this because before having a baby and a blog I was a professional organizer. I ALWAYS have organized closets but since coming back from our two week vacation to Texas and working hard on all these other projects, it has morphed into this huge wreck. I also find it challenging as a renter for the first time in nearly 6 years to be as organized in the closet. Before I always built out and designed my own closets which fit my exact needs. Working with other people's design and closet needs poses more of a challenge than I expected but I know it's totally doable. So I have decided this is what I am working on today and sharing this eyesore with you all will hold me accountable. This problem I think is more common than I would like to admit amongst us busy ladies but organization is the first step to any amazing decorating, so I thought why not conquer my overwhelming clutter and clean the ole' gal up (as well as answer any organizing questions you guys might have for me). I also decided a while back I was going to stop picking up after my hubby in the closet (he's not the best at organization to say the least...sorry for telling on you Ryan). It was my theory that he would then get anoyed with how dirty it got and frustrated with not being able to find his things. THIS PLAN totally BACKFIRED on me ladies! Now his shirts are in my cubby, socks are thrown everywhere and it's just plain messy. So wish me luck today as I get lost in the closet and make some changes. I just keep telling myself, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" instead of, "I want a snack, I want a nap, I want a magic genie" haha.
Ahhh that feels good to get out in the open! So If you guys were totally disappointed showing up here today to only find pictures of my scary closet and messy clothes I thought it might be fun to share some interesting facts with you that you just might not know about me yet, as a way to put even more embarrassing info out there. I'm just kidding. Drum roll please...

1. I have never been drunk and only gotten one driving ticket ever!
2. my sister-in-law is a nun
3. My Great Uncle is a published author.
4. My hubby's cousin dated Adrien Brody (I have never gotten to name drop before haha)
5. I really do jam out to 40's on 4 anytime I am near XM radio.
6. I have twin brothers. I heart them!
7. My parents and sister are morticians. Super creepy to me, but they are amazing at what they do.                       
8. My grandma and I almost backed the car into Pauly Shore at the mall. Yep. Totally funny!
9. I really want to be a money saver yet I tend to be a spender more naturally.
10.  I was voted funniest girl in my college dorm and met my hubby through my college bff.
11. The best gift I have ever gotten was a charm bracelet 18 years ago that I still add on to and wear. Thanks Mimi!
I know these are crazy and wacky facts and believe me I have more. I'm just always so curious about the people who write the blogs I read. I always want to know random things so I thought I might just toss some out there for you guys!
I better go start to tackle my closet for now and stop procrastinating which I am obviously doing. The above text in this post is a prime example haha. I am more than happy to answer any of your organization questions that you might have! I will see you pretty folks tomorrow! Thanks for coming by today!


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