Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Inspired...project complete

Wooo whoooo it's Wednesday and you know what that means? It's Pinterest Challenge day over at Young House Love. I just love those crazy kids & they have had a special place in the ol' ticker ever since they house crashed my Baltimore digs (see that crash by clicking here). So when I first read that they were hosting a challenge I started going through my boards looking for inspiration. I decided not to do my original wood pedestal cupcake holder because I stumbled across this picture that I just's such a fun idea.
It floats my boat because I have a need for every closet in the entire world to encompass a nice clean line of wooden hangers. They are like little buddies to your clothes. They keep everything looking amazing and in good shape. This is a little obsession I developed when I had my own professional organizing business. I imagined these particular hangers (of wooden goodness) hanging in an entry closet just waiting for an old worn coat.
Since I do not have an entry way closet, I thought why not make coat, hat, & purse hooks with wooden hangers? It is finished & to put it simply...I am in love with this anthro inspired rack.

It was fairly simple because I had a cute hubby helping me with it. It also cost me nothing because I already had some wooden hangers just hanging around haha...sorry I couldn't help it! Tool magic was what really made it possible.
Ryan first cut the hangers so we could attach them to a reclaimed board cut to size (which we determined by measuring the entry wall). He took the hangers after they were cut & after I wrote on them with a thin sharpie and he screwed them onto the board from the back. He then hung it onto the wall using a drill & some screws and it was finished.

One of the best parts of this coat rack is that the hanger hooks can be turned any direction. I even wrote some funny things on the hangers like in the inspiration photo.

I am very happy with it & I am so glad that the Pinterest challenge motivated me to make it happen!

I love that I now have a place for our hats and my purse by the front door where little hands can't get a hold of it all (one new toddler issue resolved). I hope you all got to participate in the challenge or will at least be inspired by all of the projects! I cannot wait to see the creativity! I better go for now...I am updating a side table & it's calling my name! See you fabulous peeps tomorrow! Let me know what you think!


  1. love the coat rack and i love how you wrote the different phrases on it. great job.

  2. I am LOVEING this! I might have to make one now ;) and thanks for joining the challage! I did one too

    and I can't wait to see what Sherry and Kate have in store for us. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. What a cute idea!!! I am also loving the bag that is hanging where did you get it?

  4. Thanks so much to all of you! I heart the pinterest challenge :.) the bag came from anthropologie :.)

  5. Ok I love what you did, the sayings,etc... but Im drooling over your coat, scarf and bag! Sorry, I have fashion A-D-D right now. Those colors are fabulous!

  6. I love this! I just switched my wooden hangers for the slim line ones (we need the room in my tiny shared closet) so I have tons of wooden hangers that need a new purpose! Thank you! Maybe in january when they do the wineries challenge you'll be my pinterest inspiration!

  7. *winter, not wineries. Autocorrect is not my friend!

  8. Thanks so much ladies! You all are the sweetest!

  9. Nice work... Can we borrow your husband?

  10. thats brillant!! so easy and useful!! too bad i just bought a new wardrobe, but i will kepp this idea in minde! :)

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  19. Very cool idea! What are you using to secure the hangers into the base? I'm thinking wooden dowels and glue, but I can't tell what happens between the drilling into the base pic and then the hangers on the base pic.

  20. I love this project! It's SUCH a creative use of hangers!! I'm asking readers to share their Coat Hanger projects at the Create with Me party tomorrow. I hope you'll come by my blog, Love Create Celebrate, and share this one!

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